Weekly Notes: December 4, 2020
Open House December 8
We have an Open House for Prospective Parents coming up on Tuesday, December 8 at 9:00 AM. Parents, you are our best marketers! Please continue to share that date with neighbors, friends, and co-workers. Thank you.
Tr. Mingh and Tr. Jill teaching in DL
Tr. Mingh and Tr. Jill taught at school on the first day back in Distance Learning. Families are used to seeing their teachers from the other end of the Zoom screen!
Tr. Zak hands out work on campus
Tr. Zak's 4th graders ran, played, got very leafy, and when it was time to go home, Zak handed out work for the next week.
Hello Lighthouse
Tr. Kate's 1st and 2nd graders read a story on Friday afternoon, "Hello Lighthouse." They talked about how the art could show storms, clouds, fog and waves. Such a beautiful book. Thanks,
Tr. Kate!
Tr. Dee and her 3rd graders give themselves AirHugs
After their on-campus time, since they could not hug each other, Tr. Dee's students gave themselves AirHugs. It was wonderful to spend time together outdoors.
6th Graders begin reading with Tr. Neal
Sixth graders will begin reading and discussing the book, Ghost Boys by Jewel Parker Rhodes with Tr. Neal. They will discuss themes of prejudice, perseverance, and resilience that are reflected in history and in literature. Reading this book with Tr. Neal will be the beginning of what we hope will be the impetus for leadership and service opportunities for sixth graders during the new year.
Virtual Town Hall
To speak about the educational and emotional impact of distance learning, Wallingford is offering this Virtual Town Hall on Monday, December 7.
5th and 6th Graders Scavenger Hunt

Tr. Jen had hot chocolate waiting for the 5th and 6th graders when they arrived on Friday afternoon. She also organized a campus scavenger hunt -- students had to hunt for things like: what is the school's motto, memorize the telephone number on the waste management bin, etc. Laughter and giggles ensued. Thanks, Tr. Jen!
LFS Gear
Place your orders for T shirts and hoodies for the holidays. And great news!! We will have canvas tote bags by mid-December!