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Monday, 1/17
Martin Luther King Day - school closed
Thacher News
Note from the Head of School

Dear Parents,

Thank you for embracing the documentary project with us and submitting your responses allowing the work to move forward. Heath and Dan kept busy moving through the school, attending an outside gym class, and accompanying a group at Wakefield. Both commented on what a beautiful school we have and admired the children's independence and sheer joy in school.

I appreciate your continued partnership.


Nurses Corner

My work as a Public Health Nurse (after my days at Thacher) has provided me with important information this week about the latest prevalent variant of Covid-19. The trend I've seen is that, often, an individual's first symptom is typically a scratchy/sore throat that progresses to a headache. At this initial stage, at home and PCR tests are coming up negative. As symptoms persist or worsen, individuals test positive at day three or later. Although not as prevalent, I also know that the Delta variant is still lingering. 

Please ask your student(s) if they feel any of the symptoms on the daily attestation, and be sure to keep them home, even if symptoms are mild. Click here to review Thacher's COVID protocols. I am available Monday through Friday from 8 am - 2 pm to answer additional questions and can be reached at or 617-361-2522 ext. 36. 

All Thacher classrooms will return to assigned seating and individual work starting Tuesday to minimize the risk of transmission. We hope that this added safety measure will be necessary for only a few weeks when a decrease in the Covid positivity rates will enable us to resume normal distancing protocols. I'm also hoping that decreasing rates will allow us to return to our previous 2-symptom attestation! 

Warm Regards,
Carolynn Moore BSN, RN
Thacher Family Network
Connect with Thacher Families at Houghton's Pond

Head over to Houghton's Pond after school on sunny Fridays this winter to let your kids run. See you there!

For questions, please contact TFN co-chairs, Daniela Field and Kirsten Glynn.
Diversity Corner
As we look to a new year, let us reflect upon the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a positive start.
Community Corner
Private Music Lessons

Did you know our music teacher offers private lessons? Victor McSurely specializes in Voice, Guitar (all levels), Ukulele, Electric Bass, and Drums. In addition to his professional musicianship (Blue Man Group), he is considered an expert on music in the construction of Self – how music helps strengthen the will, attention, and confidence.

Lessons are hybrid, in-person, or virtual and are offered on a sliding scale fee. Parent recommendations are available on request. For more information, email Victor Music@ThacherSchool.Org.