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Mon 2/1
Campus reopens - return to in-person learning
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Helpful COVID-19 Q & A

Do you have questions about how Thacher is currently handling Covid, or what you should do if exposed? If so, please refer to the Q & A document below prepared by Nurse Carolynn Moore.
Google Classroom

All classrooms switched to using the Google Classroom platform so it is very important that your child is part of their class. If you have any questions about accessing Google Classroom, please contact Andrea (

Lead guides and enrichment instructors are posting Zoom information on their Google Classroom Calendars. You can view the calendar in their classroom under 'Classwork' 'Google Calendar' or subscribe to the calendar on your personal email.

Click on your child's classroom below for the shareable links.

Thacher Diversity Corner
We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to watch the inauguration on Wednesday. We were blown away by the Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman's speech. Her voice rang clear in a call for both unity and the need to have difficult, real conversations with our fellow Americans. We would invite you to:

  1. Watch her passionate, articulate speech, "The Hill We Climb," if you haven't already. This could be a great opportunity to watch it with your older children, as appropriate.
  2. Learn more about her work and history As we approach Black History Month, take the opportunity to celebrate modern, young leaders of color who are inspiring change in this world. 

In solidarity, with hope for a brighter future,

Thacher Diversity Committee