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Thacher News
Note from Deba

September is the month we recognize the many contributions that people of Hispanic heritage have made to enrich our lives. We continue to benefit from this rich tapestry that contributes to the fabric of our American society. 

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón, aka, Frida Kahlo, was a Mexican painter (artista). She was married to Diego Rivera, also a well-known artista. Frida, born in Coyoacán, Mexico City, Mexico, had polio that left her disabled when she was six years old. 

Frida, age 18, was studying to become a doctor, but after being seriously injured in a bus accident, she abandoned that pursuit and started painting while undergoing multiple surgeries and many months of recovery. Throughout the remaining years of her life, Frida continued to suffer lingering physical pain. She expressed her physical trauma and her exploration of self-identity through her paintings. 

Some facts about Friday Kahlo:

  • Born 6 July 1907 – Died 13 July 1954
  • Her name was originally spelled “Frieda,” which means “peace” in German
  • She was bi-racial: Her father was German of Hungarian descent, Mother was Mexican (Tehuana culture) Native American & Spanish descent
  • She often depicted her ancestry as binary opposites: Indigenous Mexican vs. colonial European
  • She wore bright, elaborately colored clothing, and children frequently asked her, “Where’s the circus?”

An exhibition of some of her work is currently on display in Waltham at the Rose Art Museum of Brandeis University. Admission is free, and timed tickets can be booked in advance through the Rose Art Museum website.

I hope you find time to visit the Rose Art Museum.

Enjoy another beautiful weekend in New England.

Athletic Shoes Required
(Children's House through Adolescent Program)

All students in Children's House through AP are required to wear athletic shoes during gym class. Due to safety issues, children must be wearing sneakers to participate in gym class. Crocs, flip-flops, and sandals are not acceptable.

Unless your child wears sneakers every day, please consider sending in a pair of labeled athletic shoes to keep in their locker or cubby.
Half-Day Dismissal Schedule - Friday, 10/8

11:00 am All Children’s House C students dismiss
11:05 am All Children’s House B students dismiss
11:10 am All Children’s House A students dismiss
11:15 - 11:30 am All Lower Elementary students dismiss
11:30 - 11:45 am All Upper EL and AP students dismiss
11:45 am Toddler students dismiss

Sibling Exception
Younger students will be dismissed at the oldest siblings' dismissal time except:
Any student with a Toddler sibling will be dismissed at the Toddler's 11:45 am dismissal.
Parent Directory in Transparent Classroom Portal
(parent action required)

Please check your Transparent Classroom Parent Portal to ensure that your contact and privacy settings are accurate. Log in to Transparent Classroom and click on Directory to get started. Then select your Profile in the upper right corner and choose your settings.

See the red circles in the screenshot of the sample Profile Page below and check or uncheck the 'Don't share' boxes according to your preferences.

We will be publishing an all-school family directory later this fall listing parents who have opted in.
Picture Retake Day - 11/16

If your child was absent on picture day or if you are dissatisfied with the photograph taken, our Coffeepond photographers will be back for Retake Day on Tuesday, November 16.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Corner
Monthly Spotlight

We appreciate the diversity reflected here at Thacher and know the importance of exposing our students to protagonists of all backgrounds. It is also important that we share this information with our diverse community. Each month, we will highlight diverse leaders whose contributions have made an impact on society. We start this month by highlighting Marie Van Brittan Brown.
Marie van Brittan Brown co-invented the first closed-circuit television home security system alongside her husband Albert Brown in 1966. By profession, Mrs. van Brittan Brown was a nurse, and her husband was an electronics technician. 

Her invention was patented and recognized in The New York Times. Mrs. van Brittan Brown received an award from the National Scientists Committee for her work.
Thacher DEI Book Club Meeting - 10/7, 6:30 pm

Everyone is welcome to join in our first Book Club Meeting where we will be discussing "This Book is Anti-Racist" by author and former Montessori educator Tiffany Jewell.

Please reach out to Amy Wedge with any questions.
Wellness Corner
Autumnal Sensory Walk

There is no better time to move and take in the sensory delights of New England than our fall season. The air is crisp and the sights and sounds could not provide a better backdrop to exercise and move in a natural landscape. It is of the utmost importance that we all find time to move and take part in physical activity to counterbalance the stresses and strains of our daily lives.