The video above, celebrating community and ancestors,
was produced in Art class by Thacher AP students.
Coming Up
Sun 11/8
*Final Day of Scholastic Book Fair
Wed 11/11
Veterans Day - no classes
Thur 11/12
*Parent Hike at Blue Hills | 8:30 am
Thacher News
Nurse's Update

Well here we are, another successful week of being in school, safe. and healthy! I hope you grow tired of me saying how amazing you all are for doing your part.

On Monday, our governor announced some new advisories. As he addressed the state, he reiterated that school-aged students have not shown to be the cause of rising numbers and is in full support of them being in school. That said, he announced the following advisories to curb the rising numbers of Covid-19 positive cases...
Scholastic Book Fair - Final 2 days - Ends 11/8

Thacher's Book Fair is online! Support our school and help your child discover new books, favorite characters, and complete series. Shop for Book Fair exclusives directly from the interactive booklist, and enjoy free shipping on book-order purchases over $25.
Click above image to place your Book Fair order.
Picture Retake Day - 11/23

If your child was absent on Picture Day, or if you need a retake, Retake Day is Monday, November 23. Details to follow.
Fruit Center Fundraising - 11/9 - 11/15

Share this shopping voucher when you shop at The Milton or Hingham Fruit Center between Monday, November 9, and Sunday, November 15 and Thacher receives 20% of your total purchases!
Thacher Diversity Corner
The effects of COVID-19, the violent deaths of people of color, and overall civil unrest have impacted us all in various ways.

As we move through our daily lives, it is important to remember that many of us are experiencing life-changing circumstances. It's helpful to recognize this fact throughout our daily interactions. Whether it's a friend, colleague, or stranger, a kind gesture could make all the difference in someone's day.

We are not always aware of the challenges people face. However, if you do become aware, an empathetic response is key. There is a difference between empathy and sympathy. This video by Brené Brown provides a lighthearted explanation of the two.

As we enter the final months of 2020 and reflect upon the events we have experienced, remember to be empathetic towards one another.
Thacher Wellness Corner
By Tom Giatrakos
Morning Hydration

As we rise from our nightly slumber, it is likely that we first reach for a hot mug of coffee or tea to help our transition to a new day. Both coffee and tea contain many antioxidants that are important for maintaining optimal body functions, and the consumption of caffeine gives our bodies an energy boost that many of us need and crave. Studies reveal that there is a better option that should be considered for consumption moments after waking - water. A cold glass of water, a tepid glass of water, or a hot mug of water first thing in the morning may be the most important wellness habit that you can give yourself. This does not mean skipping your cup of tea or coffee, just delaying it until after drinking 8-12 ounces of water and eating your breakfast.

Water not only supports hydration after your evening fast, but it also increases alertness, fuels your brain, helps immune function, and kick starts your metabolism. Having water before your coffee and tea will counteract the diuretic effect of caffeine, while eating will slow the absorption of the caffeine and protect against the mid-morning lull that many of us may experience. 

Thirst drove me down to the water 
where I drank the moon's reflection.
Thacher Family Network
Thacher Family Network Hike - Thursday, 11/12

Join other Thacher parents and caregivers on Thursday mornings for a quick walk at Blue Hills! We meet at 8:30 am at the Trailside lot.

Want to organize a hike for another day, or share any other community building ideas? Just email for help coordinating, supporting, and spreading the word!