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Summer at Thacher - Registration Open!

Thacher Summer Program will run from June 21-August 13 and is exclusively for Thacher students enrolled for the 2021-2022 academic year. All programs are full-day, and aftercare is available.

Space is limited this year, so please sign-up early. Contact Mary ( if you need the access code which is required for registration.
Science Fair 2021

This year Upper Elementary and Adolescent students worked hard on experiments and engineering design challenges. Each student submitted a lab report outlining their work, following the scientific method or engineering design process.

Watch our student's videos, read their lab reports, and peruse their images on the Science Fair 2021 Website.
Parent/Guide Conferences - ongoing until April 2

If you have not already scheduled your Parent/Guide Conference, please sign in to Appointment Plus to set up your meeting.
It's Yearbook Time!

This year's Yearbook is the biggest of all because it's Thacher's 50th anniversary. Celebrate and support our past, present, and future: the same great features PLUS a whole section devoted to our origin story.

Order your yearbook today at
(Thacher passcode is 1014761154453973 if you have not activated your account yet)

The deadline is April 30th for custom pages, signatures, and ads.

Any questions, please email,
Spring Book Fair | April 15 - 8

Our Book Fair is coming back online and will help our students discover new books, favorite characters, and more! Every purchase earns our school rewards to put towards books for the library and classrooms. Shipping is free on book-only purchases over $25. Details coming next week.
Diversity Corner
Diversity Update

Book Drive - Ends April 2

Thank you so much for supporting the Thacher Diverse Books drive! We are so excited to see the first books coming in. We hope you will continue to support the Drive using this Amazon Wishlist. A reminder that the Diverse Books drive will continue through April 2nd.

Taking Action Against Hate Crimes

In light of the rise of violence and hate crimes towards Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, we are reflecting on how we can be better allies. One group of UE children brainstormed ideas. Their suggestions are below.

  • Send a letter - I bet someone who’s lost a family member would like a letter of sympathy from children. 
  • Fundraiser for Georgia victims and families
  • Research Asian American violence - 
  • Learn - Who is this impacting? Where is the violence happening? What age people is it happening to the most? 
  • Chart or Graph - To show how many people have died because of racism before COVID vs. during COVID
  • Banner - Hang it outside 
  • Write letters to law people 

We will be considering these inspiring ideas and moving forward as we can. We are also looking forward to larger projects for May when it is Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month. In the meantime, the Thacher Diversity Committee would like to recommend this article as a great adult resource.

-Thacher DEI Committee