"The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind."

~ M. Montessori
Thacher News
Note from Deba

The landscape around my house resembles the Arctic Tundra with patches of barren soil and mud left from the melting snow. Here and there, large patches of snow remain, blown by winds into drifts or shielded from the sun by the woods surrounding me. It may sound idyllic, but I95 is a stone’s throw away (I often imagine that the sound of constant traffic is actually a waterfall). The pot-holed dirt road leading home is treacherous this time of year, and I'm reminded of that each day when I take the dogs for their walks. But I love this spot. Believe it or not, this is in the city of Waltham, behind Brandeis University. I found this little house by accident over 18 years ago, and as soon as the realtor turned onto the dirt road, I exclaimed that I didn’t care what the house was like. I wanted to live here.

I feel much the same about Thacher Montessori. The first time I visited Thacher in 2000, just getting to the school was an adventure. I was lost for over an hour somewhere between Mattapan and Neponset Valley Parkway, and when I finally found Blue Hill Avenue in Milton, not Boston, I somehow ended up having to turn left into the school parking lot-- just before the next wave of oncoming traffic. But once I entered the school, something magical happened. I was greeted warmly by our founder, Maureen Coughlan, and after touring the school and meeting other like-minded educators, I knew I had found my school home. No matter the busy road, I wanted to be here. Yes, we endure a busy roadway just outside our school; trying to exit the driveway onto Route 138 during afternoon dismissal is challenging. Parking is difficult at best when we have an all-school event (we will have these again!), but the community we have built within our blue school is nothing short of exceptional. I love this school.
It is evident that you, too, have found your school home at Thacher and that you love this school. We were faced with numerous challenges this year - half as many students enrolled due to social distancing guidelines, uncertainty around every corner. Families and staff were stretched to the limit to manage new and heavy workloads. Mandatory quarantines, cohorts closing, remote learning, parents having to balance their own jobs while supporting at-home remote learners. These are just a few of the challenges we've faced. But through it all, we worked in partnership together and strengthened our bonds. 
At last, Spring is coming! My artic tundra will give way to Crocus and Daffodils. Thacher children will once again be enjoying all of the wonderful outdoor activities that our Thacher campus offers.

Summer at Thacher

We have created this year’s Summer Program and plan to open registration soon. The program is scheduled to run from June 21-August 13.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey.