Toddlers working in their garden enabled with funds provided through
a generous donation from the Arielle Da Costa Memorial Community Gardens.
Thacher News
Graduation and Rising-Up Ceremonies

The end of the 2020-21 school year is almost upon us, and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Thacher Community for all of your support during this most unusual year. Continuing to follow COVID-19 current health and safety protocols, the following are Thacher's plans for those students who are graduating and/or rising:

2021 Graduating Class
This year's graduation ceremony will take place on Friday, June 11, at Thacher for our 8th grade graduating students. The event will be held outside, under the shade of trees. Each family will be allotted four tickets to the ceremony. Families will socially distance at picnic tables, one table per family of four. The ceremony will be videotaped and available for the community to view on a later day.

Toddler through Upper Elementary Classrooms
Each classroom/cohort will hold its own Rising-Up/End-of-Year celebration in their classroom. Certificates will be presented to rising students by the lead guides, and a photo of the child receiving the certificate will be sent to families. Stay tuned for more information to come from your child's classroom lead guide.

It's not too late to order the 50th Anniversary Yearbook.

Thacher Green Committee Update

Thank you to the Thacher parents who joined the Green Committee. We are still looking for a few more parent volunteers.

The committee consists of staff and parents dedicated to lowering our school’s carbon footprint, reducing our plastic consumption, spreading environmental awareness, and working in the Arielle Da Costa Community Gardens by setting a green example. Please contact Deba if you are interested.
Community Corner
Brookwood Community Farm

Learn more about the Seedling Sale at nearby Brookwood Community farm.

Monday to Wednesday 10 - 10:25 pm (ET) for 12 Weeks (through June 24th)

Learn more about Livecast performances featuring Victor McSurely’s soundscape guitar work. The intent of these performances is to provide a brief space at the end of the day for relaxation, and safe, harmonizing reflection.