In the Sponge Relay, each cohort soaks the sponge in the bucket, runs across the playground and squeezes the water into a second bucket. The first team to fill their bucket to overflowing (4th grade) gets cheers from all!
4th grade gives high fives all around.
Pre-K Reads The Very Hungry Caterpillar
and eats what the hungry caterpillar ate.
Tr. Kate's 1st graders in Shop Class
Admire Tr. Al's Miniature Town
Almost Alumni Lunch
Tr. Neal and Tr. Nancy shared a pizza lunch with the 6th graders at our first Almost Alumni Lunch. They taled about what it means to be an alumnus or alumna of a school, and the importance of alumni to the life of our school. Our graduates plan to stay in touch with LFS!
4th Graders Keep
Snacks Dry
Giving at LFS
Thank you to all who have already contributed to the 2020-2021 Annual Giving Fund and/or the 5 T's Fund for COVID Relief. It is very exciting to see so many of you support the school. We have 26 more days to give to this year's funds. Please add your name to our growing list of supporters.
Thank you!