Weekly Notes: March 5, 2021
3rd Graders Host Gathering
Third graders researched Anti-Slavery Heroes. We learned about people who worked as abolitionists to help free slaves. The students created detailed posters and presented them in Gathering to the community. Thanks, Tr. Dee!
5th and 6th Graders Can Really Persuade
Students had to write persuasive ads for a
product (real or fictional). Students also had the choice and challenge of taking the most boring topic in the world and convince others how interesting it could be. Lots of creativity and laughter was on display in grades 5 and 6 today!
Faith and Leonie- Blueberry Chip Chips
Ryan- Expo Whiteboard care 
Simon and Shafeen- Pancake Pockets: heat em and eat em!
We are excited and delighted to announce that we have received a matching gift to benefit our
5 T’s Fund for COVID Relief.
What are the 5 T’s?
1. The tent outside has provided outdoor learning/play area.
2. Tuition – We provided additional tuition assistance this year to
support families when they needed it most.
3. Technology – We purchased 93 Chromebooks and upgraded the
school’s technology infrastructure to make remote learning possible.
4. We hired two additional teaching assistant this year to help keep our
cohorts small. (They’ve added so much to our community.)
5. Training – We invested in teacher training in the areas of technology
and distance learning.

Right now, all 5 T’s gifts received will be doubled. Your $50 gift becomes a $100 gift. A $100 gift now becomes $200. We have already raised $148,000 toward our goal of $200,000. We’re so grateful to our anonymous donor for this added incentive to give. Please give as generously as you are able to help us reach our goal and know that your gift will be doubled by our matching gift.
Conferences Postponed to March 25 & 26
We have decided to postpone both conferences and second trimester reports (checklists from classroom teachers) by two weeks. We hope that this gives us all a bit more time to observe and assess students, and to feel more prepared in general both for the conferences and for the checklists. 

This means that we WILL have school on Friday, March 12, and that the parent conferences will be on March 25 and 26 (right before spring break), rather than on March 11 and 12. This means that there will be no school on Friday, March 26, and that we'll have afternoon/evening conferences on Thursday, March 25.
Tr. Jill's 1st and 2nd Graders--a full week!
Tr. Jill invited Tr. Andrea to join her 1st and 2nd graders to speak about Hawaii--what it is like there, and, best of all, the tales of Pele and the volcanoes. Thanks, Tr. Andrea!
The warm morning sun on Wednesday made for a perfect morning to read on the blue tire.
5th and 6th Graders Read with their Pre-K Reading Buddies
Tr. Karen's 5th and 6th graders chose books to read to their Buddies, and had a rapt audience.
All LFS Celebrates 100 Days (of School)!!
LFS Summer Camp Registration

We are excited to see registrations starting to come in for Summer@LFS. Registration forms and brochures have come home with your children. If you are interested in joining us for some or all of camp, please let me know. We are willing to work with you and your family if the traditional 5 day option does not work.  We have extended the Early Bird Registration until March 5th. If you sign up for all 8 weeks, there is a $150 discount. If you sign up for 4-7 weeks, there is a $75 discount. We are looking forward to sunny and warm weather and being together. You can register HERE
Tr. Jen's 5th and 6th Grade and Magnetism
Students each got two magnets to observe and learned three true things about magnetic interaction. Students discovered that magnets can both push and pull--and how this applies to maglev train technology. Tr. Jen, placed one magnet at each end of the piece of track, showing how that force can move an object. Pretty cool! Thanks, Tr. Jen!