Weekly Notes: November 13, 2020
Tr. Mingh's Kindergarteners Host Gathering
Tr. Mingh's students read what they had written and drawn about autumn. They sang an acorn song and a pumpkin song. Great job! Thanks, students and Trs. Mingh, Andrea, and Amelia!
Tr. Jill's 2nd Graders Learn Math Outdoors
Tr. Jill's 2nd graders have math class outdoors, just like when they are in the classroom. She writes the problem on her white board, and students do their work on their own white boards.
Tr. Karen's 5th and
6th Grade Students
are an Editor's Circle

Tr. Karen has devised "Editor's Circle" specifically to give students practice writing and using language, while at the same time exercising their imagination and appealing to their sense of humor. Pictured are Tr. Karen 5th and 6th grade students enthusiastically engaged in Editor's circle during language Arts class. Thanks, Tr. Karen!
Tr. Zak's 4th Graders
Prepping for their Gathering next week, Tr. Zak's 4th graders work distanced and masked, but very much together.
3rd Graders with Trs. Dee and Steve
A chilly, wet Friday is a perfect time to read a story. Tr. Dee picks the perfect books. Tr. Steve teaches art on the porch. Beautiful work, third graders!
Pre-K Welcomes a New Student
Please welcome new Pre-K student, Maggie Fowler. Maggie is Emma Fowler's sister (1st grade). Please add Maggie's name to your Directory.

Maggie joined the class on a leaf walk, after reading "We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt," by Steve Metzenger. We then did leaf math by counting and sorting. 

Also, the children learned about wool. Thanks to Tamara Suber and Santiago (and their sheep), we had some wool for the children to explore. They made their own "sheep" to take home.

Children's Scholarship Fund
Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia offers 4-year partial scholarships to K-8th grade students. Scholarships are now available for qualifying families for the 2021-2022 school year. If families meet their eligibility requirements, they can apply for scholarship support to be used at our school.

Our application is open through March 1, but families should apply by this Sunday, November 15 for their best chance at being selected in our random lottery.
Open House Nov. 17
Our next virtual Open House for Prospective Families takes place on Tuesday, November 17 at 9:00 AM. Please help us spread the word about Lansdowne Friends School to your friends and neighbors who may be looking for a school placement for the 2021-2022 school year. Interested families may call the school to register or email me at nwerner@lansdownefriendsschool.org
Thank you.
School Community Association
The next SCA meeting will be Wednesday, 11/18, at 7:00pm. Please join us via Zoom as we discuss the transition to virtual learning. If you have any topics you’d like to add to the agenda, or if you have any questions, please contact Abby Martucci or Christy Vasquez.
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