Weekly Notes: October 23, 2020
Book Fair Orders
Book Fair orders arrived today, and will be coming home with your student.
Pre-K Presents Gathering
Pre-K presented their experiences with the chicks. They showed photos of chicks all over Pre-K, they sang a chick song, and they each drew the chicks and told what they liked best. Thanks Tr. Kathi and Tr. Jen!
Each student showed the picture they had drawn and painted.
In Kindergarten This Week
We are continuing learn and make autumn observations, which has included our taking a look at the apple tree that is on our campus. Though it is dormant now, we enjoyed reading a story on the mound near where it is planted. We also enjoyed seeing a time lapse video of an apple tree growing from a seed, along with a video about making apple cider. Tr. Al helped to refresh our memories about the soil that was and will be used for our planting, by having us visit our campus’ composting area and allowing us to observe worms that are so important for making the rich soil.

1st Graders Begin work on Me on the Map
Today in Shop class, 1st/2nd students started drawing pictures for their "Me on the Map" 3-D books. They discussed and drew Me in my Room and Me and my House.
Tr. Dee's 3rd Graders Decorated VOTE signs made available through the Women Creating Community, Lansdowne project.
(Special thanks to Hanne Weedon and Marty Von Rosenstiel)
From the Borough
The Mayor and Lansdowne Borough Council will be hosting a trick or treat bag give away at the Lansdowne Landing on Saturday,
October 31 from 11am - 1pm (or until we run out of bags). During this time children can come with their families and pick up a pre-packed trick or treat bag. Families are then encouraged to stroll through the Farmer's Market for additional opportunities to trick or treat. Costumes are welcome but not required. All children should be accompanied by their parents and of course mask up!
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