Volume 23, Issue 15 | December 5, 2023

Getting Involved in Your Community

Community involvement can be an important part of any sports team. By working together to be of service to others, student-athletes can build an awareness of their role in the broader society and better understand the positive impact they can have on the world around them. Service projects are a great way to develop compassion, humility and fairness in athletes, qualities that will help them to become better people and more complete athletes.

Getting involved in the community is also a tremendous way to build the virtue of justice. Recall that justice is the virtue tied to relationships - the "R" in the GROW approach. Perhaps this is why many coaches report that serving their community as a team can have a dramatic impact on forging strong bonds between teammates. Watch the video above to hear what Notre Dame Cheerleading Coach Delayna Myers has to say about the impact of service on her team and the surrounding community.

Last week's Athlete Note provided further insight on service ideas, including an example from a student-athlete. We invite you to engage your team in a discussion on how they can serve the community around you. A wide variety of opportunities exist for teams of all ages: teams can visit the elderly, find ways to help children who are sick or in need, or serve food to the hungry. We've heard powerful stories of teams rallying around an individual or family in their school or league community following tragedy.

How will you make service and involvement in the community an important part of your team culture?

Do you have a unique or uplifting story of service that you're willing to share? Send us an email at [email protected]! Your example may inspire others in our community!

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. ~ Hebrews 13:16

A Team Prayer

God of Love, you gave us your only Son and He died for us on the cross so that we might have eternal life. Help us to love you and to love each other as you taught. May we follow the example of the saints and follow you each day, no matter where you lead us, knowing that if we follow you we will someday know the joy of heaven. During this practice may you help us to treat each other with love by helping each other, working together to achieve our goals, and doing everything to the best of our ability. May we always encourage others and spread your message in everything that we do. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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