Volume 19, Issue 7 | October 8, 2019
The Benefits of Playing Multiple Sports
As part of the Play Like a Champion approach, we strongly support the opportunity for children of all ages to play multiple sports. Experts agree, with the latest research across medicine, education, coaching and sports psychology all supporting multi-sport participation as the best course for athletes at all levels of ability. The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages children to " play multiple multiple sports and delay specializing in a single sport until late adolescence " while the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine notes that intense year-round training in a single sport (known as specialization) increases several risk factors without actually improving their rate of future success in most sports (AMSSM, Sports Specialization ). Even high level college coaches are speaking out, noting that an important consideration while recruiting elite athletes is whether or not they have played multiple sports.

The Director of Education & Strategic Engagement for the NCAA's Sports Science Institute , Dr. Paul Roetert agrees with the multi-sport approach. In the short video above , Roetert and Kyle Van Duser, a CYO Coordinator in Naples, FL discuss the importance of multi-sport participation while providing examples of the benefits offered. Listen to what they have to say and consider how your children can benefit from this approach.

As parents, we all want to provide the best youth sports experience for our children. With many clubs and coaches pressuring children to specialize at an early age, it can be tempting to think that specializing is the best way to develop our young athletes. Yet the experts and the research suggest otherwise. Playing multiple sports is simply the best way to develop our children into healthy, happy and more well-rounded athletes and people.
Your Attention Please: Try this Announcement and Prayer Before Your Next Athletic Event!
St. Mary's Catholic High School in Annapolis Maryland provides a verbal reminder to spectators prior to games to create a proper and even "holy" sport environment. Create your own version of their announcement & the example of prayer below!

“St. Mary’s is a proud partner with the Play Like a Championship Today Educational Program. Our "guidelines for the sidelines” include: Cheer for good plays made by both teams, treat officials with respect and accept their calls, congratulate the opponent on a good game and make encouraging and positive statements to all athletes. It is the responsibility of the spectators to create a positive environment for our school community. Let’s all play and parent like champions today.” 
A Prayer & National Anthem Before a Game
Announcement: Ladies and Gentleman, please rise for our opening prayer and remain standing for the National Anthem. 
Lord, we thank you for this day. Although we are opponents on the field, we are brothers and sisters in your eyes. Bless our athletes. May they be strong, swift, and safe from harm. Bless both school communities and all their efforts this year. We ask this in Your name. Amen.
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