This little-known saint died over 1,800 years ago and her remains are in a basilica in the town of Anzu in Northern Italy. She was an early Christian martyr believed to have consoled a Christian soldier named Victor who was being tortured, after which she professed her own faith and was killed as well. Saint Corona allegedly had a vision of two crowns descending from the sky, one for herself and one for her fellow Christian. The name Corona is Latin for “crown”. The corona­virus gets its name from the crown-like spikes on its surface.

Saint Corona has become the go-to saint for protection against contagions, even though she has historically been considered the patron saint of treasure hunters. St. Edmund the Martyr, who died in 869 in England, is considered the patron saint of pandemic victims. With many of us looking for security in our up-ended world, we can turn to the rich tradition of the saints for inspiration. Saint Corona offered consolation to a suffering person in Saint Victor. As parents, we can look to her example to inspire us to love and console our children and support our community and world through this crisis.

Saint Edmund the Martyr, Pray for us!
Saint Corona, Pray for us!