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Friday, August 21, 2020
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2021 SAR Initial Slate of Candidates 
Your SAR Nominating Committee is pleased to announce its initial slate of candidates for 2021 SAR leadership:  
Eric Etzel, Choice Realty
Doug Hagood,Hagood Real Estate and Mortgage
Elizabeth Anders, Professional Realty Services
Gwen Arrand, EXIT Real Estate Professionals
Gregory Barkley, Synergy Properties
Dezda Finn, Dezda Finn Properties, LLC
Bryan Gwynn, Urban Settlements
Britney Inglis, Real Estate Marketplace NW, Inc.
Lee McIntyre, 4 Degrees Real Estate
Additional Candidates 
In accordance with Article XIII, Section 13.2 of the Association Bylaws, additional candidates may be nominated by the REALTOR® members. 
For those wishing to nominate a REALTOR® member for an Association Officer or Director position, Nominating Petitions will be available from the Association office Monday, October 12th through Monday, October 26th. 
Deadline to return petitions is Monday, October 26th!


You will receive Notice on Friday, October 30th of the "Final Slate of Candidates". 

Voting begins on Monday, November 2nd.

Deadline to fill out ballots will be Wednesday, November 18th, 4:30 p.m.
Our new leaders will be announced at our Annual Membership Meeting on Thursday, November 19th at CenterPlace Regional Event Center (fingers crossed).
2020 SAR-Endorsed Candidates 

The Spokane County Auditor certified the local 2020 Primary Election results, this week (Tuesday).  
With our Primary Elections now officially certified, we can report that 9 of our 10 endorsed candidates made it through to the General Elections.  
All 9 will continue to receive our support.
The General Election is November 3rd

REALTOR® Party Director, Pete Kopf, discusses the importance of getting out the vote this November, voter safety options, and the role REALTORS® can play as community leaders. 
Watch the new three-minute video online here:
Get Out the Vote 
Get Out the Vote
REALTOR.COM Seller's Marketplace 
A message to brokers from REALTOR.COM:
We are aware that we should/could have done things differently, as it relates to our industry communication, in regards to the Seller's Marketplace.  
More specifically we should have provided you with more information about how this exciting new Marketplace aligns with the industry and supports brokers and agents.  
We're hoping this email addresses this point. 
We put together a webinar to help you and your members learn more about Seller's Marketplace.  
Please join us for this webinar. 
You will learn how savvy agents are learning to co-exist with new business models to better serve their customers and help make more money.  

FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 11:00 AM 
NAR Leadership Summit 
SAR Photo
2020 SAR President Elect Eric Johnson (left) and SAR Association Executive Rob Higgins (right) attended the National Association of REALTORS® Leadership Summit from the SAR classroom in Spokane (pictured), this week.
The event was virtual, this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but still serves as the premiere onboarding vehicle for association leadership across the country.
SAR Attainable Housing Initiative
Your SAR Governmental Affairs Committee - chaired by REALTOR® member Britney Inglis, and supported by staff member Darin Watkins - has been laboring the past year on the research and writing of an new report : A Case for Change: City of Spokane Attainable Housing Initiative.
This report was presented to the SAR Board of Directors at its August meeting, this week.
This is terrific information, presented in a clear, well-researched and well-written document.
The next step is to get this document under the eyes of regional leaders in both the public and private sectors so we can begin to work together on easing the housing inventory situation in Spokane.
Download your copy of the full report (pictured above)
WR Legal Hotline: State Bond Money

Washington REALTORS® Legal Hotline lawyer Annie Fitzsimmons is on a mission to answer all the questions on the Designated Broker Wish List.

We asked DBs around the state to submit questions or topics of discussion to her via email so she could address them and share them as a Friday Video.

TODAY'S QUESTION: "How best can a buyer broker document that their buyer is relying on money from the Washington State Bond Down Payment Assistance Program (a contingent source of funds) in a purchase and sale agreement?"

If you or your Designated Broker would like to have a question addressed, email legalhotline@warealtor.org.

Watch Annie's new four-minute video online here:

DB's Wishlist: How to Document State Bond Money
DB's Wishlist: How to Document State Bond Money

RPR: Close more Deals

At RPR®, we know that you want to be a wildly successful REALTOR®.

And in order to do that, you need to close more deals.

The problem is, that it can be hard to differentiate yourself from the competition and that can make you second-guess yourself.

RPR® can help you overcome that doubt.

We believe your hard work should lead to your success.

As a REALTOR®, you have access to the nation's largest property database - exclusively for REALTORS®.

Find out more about RPR® in a two-minute video, online here:

Right Tools, Right Now 
Right Tools, Right Now
The National Association of REALTORS® has relaunched its Right Tools, Right Now program which offers several business resources - many of which are free to members to help them in their businesses.
Right Tools, Right Now offers access to webinars, tips for managing finances, educational resources, and more.
SAR Professional Development 

SAR Professional Development 
Please be in touch with Tami at the SAR if you have any questions about classes or your license education requirements, by phone at 326-9222 or by email.

Core Curriculum class
Thursday, September 10th  
1 - 4 p.m.
3 clock hours
Purchase & Sale (two days)
Tuesday, September 15th  
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. +
Thursday, September 17th
8:30 a.m. - Noon
7.5 clock hours
Success Basics for Landlords & Property Managers  
Monday, September 28th
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
3.0 clock hours  
What Else Do You Need - PSA Addenda (two days)
Tuesday, September 29th  
9 a.m. - Noon +
Thursday, October 1st
9 a.m. - Noon
6.0 clock hours
May the Forms Be With You
September 9th and 10th (two days)   
7.6 clock hours 
This class (live webinar format), scheduled for September 9th-10th from 10am-2pm, is an expanded version of Statewide Forms 1/2 day and will teach use of the basic statewide residential forms and provide opportunity for students to ask questions relative to any of the statewide forms.  
This class is taught by Annie Fitzsimmons who played a significant role in drafting the statewide forms.    
Every class will be tailored to meet the students at their collective experience level.  
Each class can be very basic or quite advanced, depending on the experience level of the majority of students in attendance.

To stay current with your continuing education requirements, please visit The CE Shop - Washington REALTORS®' preferred vendor for online continuing education. 
These are state-approved, self-paced courses that you can take in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have internet access.   

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2021 SAR Initial Slate of Candidates
2020 SAR-Endorsed Candidates
Get out the Vote!
REALTOR.COM Seller's Marketplace
NAR Leadership Summit
SAR Attainable Housing Initiative
Legal Hotline: Form 22EF
RPR: Close more Deals
Right Tools, Right Now
SAR Professional Development
NAR Member Profile
SAR Member Roster Update - July
SAR Market Activity Report - July

Click on the calendar image below to see
the current SAR calendar showing dates and times
of classes, committees, and events. 
Other regional calendars:
Albertson/Safeway stores have taken a different approach to fund raising for charity this year.  
Unfortunately, they will not be able to sell bags or collect food, so we came up with a great alternative.  
We want to send a "Thank You" to all the stores that have helped us in the past.
This year's event started August 7th and will go through September 18th.  
We would like your office to participate in a "Friendly, Fun Food Fight" competition by signing your office up for a GoFundMe page.   
The winning office who brings in the most money will be presented a nice wall plaque that the office can keep for the year!   
Excited yet?   
Every year our Food Drive is one of the largest of the year for 2nd Harvest. They are very much depending on us.  
With your help, we can make this the biggest "Friendly, Fun Food Fight 2020" competition. If you have any questions, contact the Chair Judy Flemmer 216-1135 or Tami at the SAR 326-9222.
Click the link below to get started with getting your office set up for a GoFundMe for 2nd Harvest!

NAR Member Profile

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) is just out with its 2020 Member Profile
NAR's report reveals more than nine in 10 members use a smartphone and a computer on a daily basis, while just about all members regularly e-mail clients and the majority of members use social media apps to communicate with clients.  
Text messaging is the preferred means of communication for Realtors® (94%), closely followed by email (91%) and telephone calls (89%).

SAR Member Roster Update - July

Updated for July 
Click here to view the latest Member Roster Update (pictured above) - approved by the SAR Board of Directors at its most recent meeting.
Send a message to Brenda at the SAR with any changes.  

SAR Market Activity Report - July     

Market Activity Reports  
Updated for July
The SAR Market Activity Report for July is now online.
See the latest full report - a member-exclusive product
- and archived full reports, online here.

See the July 2020Market Snapshot Report
(pictured above) online here.

See the 2020 Year to Date Market Snapshot Report (pictured above),  online here.

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