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Friday, October 25, 2019
That's Who We R® - Advocacy Message
Your Spokane Association of REALTORS® has created a new advocacy message to help consumers better understand who we are and what we do.
This message was paid for with an advocacy grant from the National Association of REALTORS®. 
Be among the first to see the message online here.
This is also posted to the SAR Facebook page - you can share it from there. 
Watch for this message in your favorite local television newscasts in coming days.

Watch the new 30-second message online here.
That's Who We R®
That's Who We R®

Add this video to your website with this code:
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2020 SAR Initial Slate of Candidates 


Your SAR Nominating Committee is pleased to announce its initial slate of candidates for 2020 SAR leadership:  
Eric Johnson , Coldwell Banker Tomlinson N
Doug Hagood, Hagood Real Estate & Mortgage
Kristy Hamby, Windermere Airway Heights
Dave Crosby, American Dream Homes
Cynthia Gustafson, John L. Scott Spokane, Inc.
Gregory Barkley, Keller Williams Spokane - Main
Eric Etzel, Choice Realty
Judy Flemmer , EXIT Real Estate Professionals
Britney Inglis , Real Estate Marketplace NW, Inc.
Ron McIntire, Choice Realty
Lee McIntyre , 4 Degrees Real Estate
Brittany Miller, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson WP
Abbey Parsons, Coldwell Banker Tomlinson V
Barb Pielli, Windermere City Group
Additional Candidates  
In accordance with Article XV, Section 15.2 of the Association Bylaws, additional candidates may be nominated by the REALTOR® members. 
For those wishing to nominate a REALTOR® member for an Association Officer or Director position, Nominating Petitions will be available from the Association office Monday, October 14th through Monday, October 28th.  
Deadline to return petitions is Monday, October 28th!

You will receive Notice on Friday, November 1st of the "Final Slate of Candidates". 

Voting begins on Monday, November 4th.

Deadline to fill out ballots will be Wednesday, November 20th, 4:30 p.m.
Our new leaders will be announced at our Annual Membership Meeting on Thursday, November 21st, at CenterPlace Regional Event Center.


Education Excellence and Annual Meeting 

SAR photo

Thursday, November 21st
at Centerplace in Spokane Valley

Early-bird registration accepted
through November 14th!

Join your friends and colleagues for the SAR's final Education Excellence and Annual Membership meeting of 2019 .

This event is bundled with four main events:

Top Shelf Business Practices
in the morning

Quarterly Business Meeting with
Buffet Lunch at 11:30a.m.

Social Media Marketing for REALTORS®
in the afternoon

Attend the day and go home with 6.5 clock hours!

Attendance for clock hours will be proctored - extended absence from class(es) will disqualify you from credit.


Download the event flyer (pictured above), online here.


The National Association of REALTORS® is warning its members to be aware of a fraudulent email circulating under the subject line "Register for the 2019 REALTORS Conference."

The email address says it is from altappraisal@comcast.net, but displays as if it was from NAR.

If you receive the email, NAR encourages you to take a screenshot of it and file a report about it to the FBI IC3 website.

Do not click on the links.

After you take the screenshot, delete the email.

If you have clicked on the email, alert your IT department immediately to protect your devices from malware.

SAR Changes WiFi Password  

The WiFi password at the SAR has changed.
The new password is posted in both the boardroom and the classroom.
Please remember to update the password setting in your mobile device on your next visit so that you will be able to stay connected.

Register to Vote! 

DID YOU KNOW: 307 SAR members are not registered to vote.
That's about 14% of our members.
If you are one of these, keep reading . . .


You have until Monday, October 28th, to register to vote online or by mail for this year's General Election on November 5th !

Open Enrollment 

Open Now for 2020 Coverage
Ends December 7th

I f you're Medicare-Eligible, now is the time to explore your supplementary coverage options for 2020.
Members Medicare Exchange is here to make that easy.  
The Exchange is available through REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace, your trusted resource for supplemental Medicare coverage options.  
It's just for NAR members and allows you to easily compare and enroll in supplemental plans from top insurance companies, including dental and vision plans.  
Take some time now to make sure you understand your options, and be ready to take advantage of supplemental benefits.  

WR Legal Hotline: Inspection Week 
Washington REALTORS® Legal Hotline lawyer Annie Fitzsimmons and Spokane Broker Ken Sax filmed a special "Inspection Week" video series during the WR Fall Business Conference.  
Annie and Ken delve into the particulars of Form 35 & 35R.  
Learn how to use the forms properly, even if you think you know everything about these forms already.  
This is the first video in the Inspection Week series...  
Annie and Ken discuss the checkbox in Paragraph #1 on the PSA that triggers the inspection contingency and what a listing broker should do when they receive an offer with a Form 35 inspection contingency marked as part of the buyer's offer.  
Ken details how to explain to your sellers what that means, including the many responses a seller can expect from the buyer.  
Annie and Ken also explain how Form 35 is broken down into an initial inspection period and additional inspection period and then they discuss the negotiation period. They also cover WHO can perform the inspection for the buyer. 
Watch the entire video series online here:  
Legal Hotline: Inspection Week - Part 1 
Legal Hotline: Inspection Week - Part 1
Legal Hotline: Inspection Week - Part 2
Legal Hotline: Inspection Week - Part 2
Legal Hotline: Inspection Week - Part 3
Legal Hotline: Inspection Week - Part 3
Legal Hotline: Inspection Week - Part 4
Legal Hotline: Inspection Week - Part 4
Legal Hotline: Inspection Week - Part 5
Legal Hotline: Inspection Week - Part 5
WR Fall Business Symposium 

Wednesday, October 30th
7.5 CE + A Full Day of TechXpertise
Register for the Fall Business Symposium!
Washington REALTORS® has booked real estate tech expert Jeramias Maneiro to speak at the Fall Business Symposium!
Jeremias is a tech-savvy millennial who speaks from the heart and specializes in helping everyone improve their techxpertise regardless of skill level or generation.  
Plus, he's engaging and entertaining!

Code of Ethics Webinar 

The SAR purchased the Webinar on National Real Estate Ethics Day June 27, 2019, in support of REALTORS® Relief Foundation.  
Proceeds from this event will help families who have endured unimaginable loss.
We offer each office access to the Webinar to show in your office at no charge through December 31, 2019.
This class will not include clock hours, however it will count towards NAR Code of Ethics requirement.
If you offer this class in your office, you will need to send Tami your sign in sheet from the class, so she can record it on the NAR website.
If you would like additional information, please email Tami @ tami@spokanerealtor.com or call 326-9222

2019 REALTOR® Education

Quality of Education 
through SAR/WR Education Instructors

Here is the latest class listing from your SAR - offering the best live and local continuing real estate education classes for 2019.

Click on each class title,  underlined in blue, to bring up a flyer for that class - suitable for posting in your office. 

Register for these classes online here: 


Please be in touch with Tami at the SAR if you have any questions about these classes or your license education requirements, by phone at 326-9222 or by email.
Core Curriculum 
Core Curriculum
Tuesday, October 29 - Core Curriculum - with Sabrina Jones-Schroeder.
Check-in: 8:00 a.m.
Class: 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
at the SAR
3.0 clock hours   
Friday, November 1 - Business Budgeting Basics Workshop - with John Trent.  
Check-in: 8:45 a.m.
Class: 9:00 a.m. to noon
at the SAR
3.0 clock hours 
Monday, November 4 - TransactionDesk - with Eric Johnson.
Check-in: 8:45 a.m.
Class: 9 a.m. to noon
at the SAR
3.0 clock hours
Sabrina Jones-Schroeder - Purchase and Sale Agreements instructor 
Purchase and Sale Agreement
Tuesday, November 5 - Purchase & Sale Agreement - with Sabrina Jones-Schroeder.
Check-in: 8:15 am.
Class: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
at the SAR
7.5 clock hours 
Home Warranties in Real Estate Transactions 
Home Warranties in Real Estate Transactions
Wednesday, November 6 - Home Warranties in Real Estate Transactions - with Russel Frans.    
Includes complimentary lunch! 
Check-in: 11:45 a.m. 
Class: 12:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. 
at the SAR
3.0 clock hours  
Thursday, November 7 - Forward to Reverse - with Marco Begovich.
Check-in: 12:45 p.m.
Class: 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
at the SAR
3.0 clock hours 
In This Issue
That's Who We R® - Advocacy Message
2020 SAR Initial Slate of Candidates
Education Excellence and Quarterly Meeting
SAR Changes WiFi Password
Register to Vote!
Open Enrollment
WR Legal Hotline: Inspection Week
WR Fall Business Symposium
Code of Ethics Webinar - FREE!
2019 REALTOR® Education
2020 SAR Leadership Opportunities
Broker's Advantage: Assessor
Smart Meters: A Simple Guide
WCR: Personal Safety
Winter Driving Guide
Member Roster Update - September
Market Activity Report - September

Click on the calendar image below to see
the current SAR calendar showing dates and times
of classes, committees and events. 
The SAR extends its sympathy and condolences to Mark McManus, G.K. Hansen Real Estate.  
Mark's brother Kevin McManus, formerly of RE/MAX of Spokane, recently passed.  
A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, November 2, 2019 from noon until 4:00 p.m. with a toast to Kevin at 1:00 p.m. at the VFW, 212 S. David Street, Spokane Valley.  
Everyone is welcome.

2020 SAR Leadership Opportunities   

 Your association runs on volunteer power. Here's your chance to plug in and make a difference! 
2020 SAR President Tom Clark invites you to join him in volunteering to lead our association in the new year.
If you'd like to talk with Tom before you decide how you'd like to volunteer, call him at 499-9999 or e-mail him at spokanetom@comcast.net.  
Here are just some of the volunteer opportunities where you can help get the work done: 
Budget & Finance 
Professional Development   
Governmental Affairs
SOS  (Serving Our Spokane)  
Special Events  
3rd Grade Poster Contest   
Food Drive  
Holiday Party & Auction                      

Submit your application by Friday, December 6, 2019.      
See the 2020 SAR Leadership Opportunities flyer for more information and application (pictured above),   online here

Broker's Advantage: Assessor  

Your SAR is frequently in touch with local private and public sector leaders whose work impacts your business.

In this edition of the Weekly Notices, we begin an occasional feature to put you in touch with these leaders directly: Broker's Advantage.

We intend for this to give you an additional member benefit for being engaged with your association - you'll only find it here in the Weekly Notices.

Our first video is with Spokane County Assessor Tom Konis who offers some advice on how to help you move a client's "continuance of program" request through the approval process as quickly as possible.  

Watch the two-minute video online here:

Broker's Advantage - Spokane County Assessor
Broker's Advantage - Spokane County Assessor

Smart Meters: A Simple Guide  

Avista Corp. photo

Your SAR is in touch with Avista Corp. to answer member questions about smart meters.  
Avista is in the process of upgrading all of its electric meters to smart meters and installing smart modules on all of its gas meters in the State of Washington. The new smart meters are part of an integrated system designed to make us smarter together. 
Sellers are not responsible for the cost to upgrade Avista's meters, nor is it a requirement to upgrade Avista's meter as part of a sale.
It's important to note that Avista's transfer of service process (from one responsible party to another) is not related to or activated by the real estate closing process. To avoid long periods without power, the accountable party needs to contact Avista to accept responsibility or the service will be shut off.
Avista stop service process:
  • The date you enter as your stop service date should be the last day you are responsible as the electricity may be shut off on the date service is taken out of your name.
  • Service may be disconnected as early as 8 am on that date.
  • If you need the electricity to stay on through a certain date, we should set your stop date for the day after.
For more information, visit this excellent resource page on the subject:  myavista.com/smartmeters  
WCR: Personal Safety 

Thursday, November 7th
Pick up some personal safety tips at the next Women's Council of REALTORS ® monthly program.

At Darcy's restaurant in Spokane Valley.

First-time REALTOR® attendees are free!

See the event flyer (pictured above), online here.
Winter Driving Guide 


Show your clients you care - especially those new to the area and unfamiliar with winter driving conditions - and send them this new brochure on winter driving safety from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Topics covered include driving in snow and ice, what to carry in your car, and how to access the latest travel information and mountain pass conditions.

 Download your copy of this publication (pictured above),  online here.

Member Roster Update - September

Updated for September

Click here to view the latest Member Roster Update - approved by the Board of Directors.

Send a message to Brenda at the SAR with any changes.  

Market Activity Report - September 

Market Activity Reports  
Updated for September! 
The SAR Market Activity Report for September is now online.
See the latest full report - a member-exclusive product
- and archived full reports, online here .

See the September 2019 Market Snapshot Report
(pictured above) online here.

See the 2019 YEAR-TO-DATE Market Snapshot Report (pictured above),   online here.

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