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Friday, October 9, 2020
Governor Opens Door to Open Houses
Washington Governor Jay Inslee, this week, announced that limited open houses are now permitted in Phase 1.5, Phase 2, and Phase 3 counties (Spokane County is currently in Phase 2).
In order to hold an open house, the firm and broker must take measures to ensure that occupancy is restricted to the gathering size permitted by the current county phase and all other required protocols are followed (face coverings, social distancing, sanitation, etc.)  
For Phase 1.5 and Phase 2 counties - no more than five (5) people, in addition to the broker, may be in the property at any one time.  For Phase 3 counties - no more than ten (10) people, in addition to the broker, may be in the property at any one time. 
Brokers must strictly adhere to the occupancy restrictions for open houses. Firms should develop processes that brokers follow to ensure compliance, including the following:  
  • Post signs at the property (e.g. on the open house signs, at the front door, inside the property etc.) alerting the public to the occupancy restriction and reminding the public to wear face coverings and social distance. 
  • Brokers need to carefully monitor the number of persons on site at any one time and not admit more than the allowed number of persons into the property.  
  • Brokers need to constantly monitor the front door and potentially lock the door from time to time to prohibit additional persons from entering.
  • Firms may consider assigning two brokers to an open house - one to stand outside and monitor the number of persons admitted to the property, and the other to be inside the property.
  • Brokers must enforce the face covering requirement. 
  • Persons waiting to enter the property must social distance and wear face coverings.
  • Clean and disinfect all surfaces, before and after the open house, and have sanitizer placed around the property. 
  • Because contact tracing in the event of an outbreak is important, brokers should maintain contact information for all attending an open house.
  • Please keep in mind that the firm and broker hosting an open house are at risk of criminal and civil liability for failure to fully comply with the required protocols.

Washington REALTORS® and Northwest MLS have created an assortment of signs and a sign-up sheet that brokers can use for open houses. 
  • Sign alerting the public to the occupancy restriction for Phase 1.5 and 2 and Phase 3 counties (Spokane County is currently at Phase 2).
  • Sign reminding the public to wear face coverings and social distance (pictured above).
  • A sign-in sheet including contact information for all attending an open house.

Legal Hotline: Errors & Omissions
Your SAR is leading the statewide discussion on Errors and Omissions (E&O) in the real estate industry (pictured above).
A recent SAR Roundtable discussion (online here) had experts stressing the importance of immediately reporting claims.
TODAY'S QUESTION: "The Spokane Association of REALTORS® recently conducted a roundtable focused on errors and omissions issues. They stressed the importance of immediately reporting claims. Why is that important and couldn't that result in increased premiums?"  
Washington REALTORS® Legal Hotline lawyer Annie Fitzsimmons picks up the conversation from here in her newest video.
It runs about six-minutes: 
E&O Claims Based Policy 
E&O Claims Based Policy
2021 SAR Initial Slate of Candidates
Your SAR Nominating Committee is pleased to announce its initial slate of candidates for 2021 SAR leadership:  
Eric Etzel, Choice Realty
Doug Hagood,Hagood Real Estate and Mortgage
Elizabeth Anders, Professional Realty Services
Gwen Arrand, EXIT Real Estate Professionals
Gregory Barkley, Synergy Properties
Dezda Finn, Dezda Finn Properties, LLC
Bryan Gwynn, Urban Settlements
Britney Inglis, Real Estate Marketplace NW, Inc.
Lee McIntyre, 4 Degrees Real Estate
Additional Candidates 
In accordance with Article XIII, Section 13.2 of the Association Bylaws, additional candidates may be nominated by the REALTOR® members. 
For those wishing to nominate a REALTOR® member for an Association Officer or Director position, Nominating Petitions will be available from the Association office Monday, October 12th through Monday, October 26th. 
Deadline to return petitions is Monday, October 26th!


You will receive Notice on Friday, October 30th of the "Final Slate of Candidates". 

Voting begins on Monday, November 2nd.

The deadline to submit your ballot will be Tuesday, November 17th, at 4:30 p.m.
Our new leaders will be announced at our Virtual Annual Membership Meeting on Wednesday, November 18th.  
Details are being planned now and will be shared here in the Weekly Notices as soon as they are available.

13 Ways to Step Up your Defenses  

Hackers could be using the global pandemic as an opportunity to target real estate as more transactions and communications are conducted remotely.  
What's more, phishing emails may try to use COVID-19 as an excuse for why professionals need to renew login credential or passwords, or hackers may prey on any relaxed online security of the increased numbers of those working from home.
Now more than ever, you need to be on guard, said speakers on Thursday during a National Association of REALTORS®-sponsored virtual session, "Cyber and Data Security," as part of the Tech Edge series.
REALTOR® magazine shares 13 Ways to Step Up your Defense Against Hackers.  
Guide to Success 

Tuesday, October 27th;
Thursday, October 29th
9 a.m. both days  
Join us for two days of virtual premier continuing education.  
This year, we've invited the dynamic instructor, Marki Lemons-Ryhal, to teach her popular class: The Modern Real Estate Professionals Guide to Success.
Creating valuable content is important to your real estate business growth...especially during our current situation with everything being virtual/digital.
In 2020, 80% of all content viewed online will be videos.  
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then one minute of video content is worth 1.8 million words.
Learn to turn one video into photos, a podcast, blog posts, tweets, Facebook status updates, and much, much more for only $5 per video.  
You will be amazed at how easy the process is.
Find out more and register online here.

SAR: 30% Discount with The CE Shop 

30% Discount to SAR Members!
The SAR has partnered with the CE Shop for online classes!
Online education has never been more convenient.
Get 30% off your classes when you enter the promo code SAR30.
The special SAR link is:  

Right Tools, Right Now 
Right Tools, Right Now
The National Association of REALTORS® has relaunched its Right Tools, Right Now program which offers several business resources - many of which are free to members to help them in their businesses.
Right Tools, Right Now offers access to webinars, tips for managing finances, educational resources, and more.
SAR Professional Development 

SAR Professional Development 
Please be in touch with Tami at the SAR if you have any questions about classes or your license education requirements, by phone at 326-9222 or by email.


Biggest Bloopers and Blunders We Make in our Statewide Forms - with Ken Sax (Zoom class)
Tuesday, October 20th
9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
3.5 clock hours
You'll want to check out this class and learn what the bloopers are and how to avoid making the same mistakes!

Don't be that broker!!
Ken Sax has been teaching the Purchase & Sale class since 2010. He's very passionate about REALTORS® being experts on this... after all, your clients think you are! 
Ken will be discussing Forms - 21, 50, 51, 22A. 22EF, 22B, 39, 22Q, 35/35R, 35E and 36.
Success Basics for Landlords and Property Managers with Eric Bessett (Zoom class). 
Thursday, October 22nd
1 p.m. to - 4 p.m.
This course is divided into three distinct sessions: (1) Landlord-Tenant Law (including SB5600), (2) Forms, Notices & other documents (3) Practical, Real-World Best Practices. Come receive a comprehensive overview of how to property navigate the legal, practical and technical landscapes within this housing segment with Eric Bessett. 
3.0 clock hours  
Purchase & Sale Agreement
Sabrina Jones-Schroeder (Zoom class)
Two day class
Tuesday, October 27th
- AND -
Thursday, October 29th
8:30 a.m. to noon
This mandatory course will include: An introduction and discussion of intentions, goals and purposes in properly completing the new Purchase & Sale Agreement; the deposit, parties and property; financing and the financing contingencies, title insurance and transfer and inspections; representations and disclosure; and remaining provisions.This class must be taken once every four years.  
7.5 clock hours


Brown Bag Lunch & Learn with Tony Byrne with Heritage Home Loans (Zoom event) 
Wednesday, November 11th
11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Learn five of the biggest myths surrounding VA loans:
  • zero down equals a "bad buyer"
  • VA loans are hard to close
  • VA loans take too long
  • seller has to pay all the Vet's fees
  • VA appraisals are harder
No clock hours but great, practical information!

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Governor Opens Door to Open Houses
Legal Hotline: Errors & Omissions
2021 SAR Initial Slate of Candidates
13 Ways to Step Up your Defenses
Guide to Success
SAR: 30% Discount with The CE Shop
Right Tools, Right Now
SAR Professional Development
SAR: Advocacy in Action - NEW!
NAR: Find Your R
SAR Member Roster Update - August
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SAR: Advocacy in Action 
City of Spokane Tenant Protection Proposal Tabled Indefinitely
Your Spokane Association of REALTORS® raised concerns over the unintended consequences of tenant's protections - and enlisted the help of Whitworth Economics Professor Vange Hochheimer.  
Her study revealed how a large number of landlords in Spokane would sell their rentals if these proposals were to go through.  
According to Hocheimer, "It was a call to action to policymakers to pay attention to this issue because (housing instability) can definitely deepen poverty and deepen homelessness."
The report details how housing instability can lead to adverse health outcomes, including more poverty and homelessness when economic stability is threatened or destroyed.
The Spokane City Council has now tabled these ordinances indefinitely.
Vange Hochheimer named Inland Northwest Woman of the Year
Spokesman-Review photo
Hailed for her work on proposed tenant's rights ordinances in Spokane and the potential harmful effects of such rules, Hochheimer (pictured) has been named the Spokesman Review's Inland Northwest Woman of the Year.  
This work was supported by the Washington REALTORS® RPAC Issues Fund and the Spokane Association of REALTORS®
NAR: Find Your R 
November 2-18 
The 2020 National Association of REALTORS® Conference and Expo will be virtual, this year, but still packed with as much chewy goodness as it always is.
If you've ever been curious to check this out, 2020 is the perfect year to sample it - there'll be no travel or lodging expenses, and you can drop in as your schedule permits while you continue to run your business.  
Find Your R at the 2020 REALTORS® Conference & Expo!
SAR Member Roster Update - September

Updated for September
Click here to view the latest Member Roster Update (pictured above) - approved by the SAR Board of Directors at its most recent meeting.
Send a message to Brenda at the SAR with any changes.  

SAR Market Activity Report - September 

Market Activity Reports  
Updated for September 
The SAR Market Activity Report for September is now online.
See the latest full report - a member-exclusive product
- and archived full reports, online here.

See the September 2020 Market Snapshot Report
(pictured above) online here.

See the 2020 Year to Date Market Snapshot Report (pictured above),   online here.

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