The Heart of Every Lover:
Weekly Offerings

July 15, 2022
Meher Nazar Publications collection
"My center is the heart of every lover. 
Every lover with a heart that loves Baba is a center."

Meher Baba 
At Meher Center, 1956
Dear Meher Center Family and Friends,

A loving Jai Baba from Meher Center. We wanted to let you know about some upcoming events at the Center, including the 2023 Youth Sahavas dates!

On September 4th, 2022, Meher Center Board will be hosting a virtual community meeting at 5 p.m..Subsequently, the Center is looking forward to welcoming Ward Parks once again to present a seminar based on Meher Baba's life and message. This year, on October 20th and 21st, Ward will make a presentation entitled, "Creation and its Causes."

Finally we are very excited to share the dates for next year's Youth Sahavas, so our young friends can start planning their return to Baba's home for this event. Youth Sahavas 2023 will be held from July 18th to 23rd.

More information about all these events will be forthcoming.

At Meher Center in 1952, Meher Baba said this:

“God is all purity, all honesty and our love for Him should be so honest as not to brook any compromise at all. So, whatever you do to help others, to give them happiness, you must not be conscious of having done so. Then you are safe, they are safe; you feel happy, they feel happy. This is very rare.The whole basis of the Gita and Vedanta is selfless service. Make others happy but do not seek reward, do not mind the result, never think of having helped them.”*

In Baba’s love and service, 
Buz Connor
For Meher Center board and staff

*Lord Meher, Online Version, By Bhau Kalchuri, p. 3071.
Lovers' Offerings
Family Letters #33
Read by Bobbi Bernstein

These are readings of a collection of letters written by Mani, Meher Baba’s sister, to the Western family of Baba lovers between 1956 and 1969.
“Baba is the Experience of Love”
In this video, Ella Marks talks about her life with Baba, learning ballet from Margaret Craske and meeting Meher Baba in 1956 and 1958. She shares how Miss Craske demonstrated spirituality not through discourses but stories and actions. From Margaret, she learned how the ego stood in the way of Baba and many reflections followed that realization. Poignantly, she refers to the passage of time where hardships are real but Baba is always present awakening us to love.

Video, 1:03:53
Meher Center Meeting Place, May 7, 2002
From the Meher Spiritual Center, Inc. Archives
"He was very happy every time He was here."
Here are three vignettes gleaned from a talk given by Kitty Davy, Darwin Shaw and Lyn Ott at Meher Spiritual Center in 1979. Darwin speaks of the search for the Center and the pioneering spirit of those involved in its development. Lyn talks of how the Center remains the same even though there has been constant change and improvements. Kitty provides a lively account of her role and the instructions given by Meher Baba on maintaining special buildings. Finally, all three contribute to a discussion on the significance of Meher Baba's Tomb.

Audio, 22:40
Meher Spiritual Center, 1979
Courtesy of the Avatar Meher Baba Center of Southern California