Upcoming Worship: April 19-25, 2021
Resources: Parish Paper, Weekly Psalms & Lesson, and More
New & Noteworthy:
  • Condolences, Calvin “Roy” Stevens
  • April 21, Outreach Opportunities in April
  • May 13, Women of St. John's Spring Gathering
  • May 15 & 16, Confirmation in May
Monday – Friday
8:15 a.m. Morning Prayer (online only)
In addition, Thursday, April 22
5 p.m. Holy Communion, Church (in-person, text RSVP to priest)

Sunday, April 25, 2021: Feast of St. Mark (Easter III)
8 a.m. Holy Communion (in-person by reservation)
9:30 a.m. – Adult & Children's Sunday School (Online only)

11 a.m. – Family Morning Prayer (Facebook/YouTube and in-person, by reservation only)
The nursery will be available for this service.
12:30 p.m. – Youth Sunday School (Online only)
We extend our condolences to the family of Kim Scott on the passing of her father, Calvin “Roy” Stevens, on Saturday, April 17.
Outreach Opportunities in April
Collection for Fresh Air Home: We’ll continue to support the Fresh Air Home by collecting new sheets and towels through the end of April. Items may be purchased on Amazon at and shipped to the Finnegans, who will collect and bring all donations to the Fresh Air Home at the end of the month.

P.A.C.K.: We invite all parishioners to join us as we volunteer at P.A.C.K. on Wednesday, April 21, from 4-6 p.m. If you are interested, please call Cathy Baxter at 912-704-5111. We hope to see a few new faces this month!
The Women of St. John’s Spring Gathering
Save the Date! The Women of St. John’s will host a spring gathering on Thursday, May 13, beginning at 5:30 p.m. ( after the 4:30 p.m. Holy Communion for the Ascension). Everyone is invited to this event as we enjoy fellowship and food in the mall. Registration will be required and we’ll follow COVID safety protocol. More details to follow.
Confirmation in May
After more than a year’s delay, Bishop Lambert will be visiting on the weekend of May 15-16 to administer Confirmation. As Covid restrictions remain in place at this time, attendance at these afternoon services is limited to candidates and families; but Bishop Lambert will be taking part in the Sunday morning services which are open to all. If you are “ready and desirous” of being confirmed (or of formal reception into the Episcopal Church) and have not been invited to one of these services, please contact Fr. Dunbar as soon as possible by calling the church office at (912) 232-1251.
We are building a community in Christ that is grounded in historic faith and reverent worship, and is committed to sharing the life-transforming truth of the Gospel.
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