This past Friday’s, July 23, concert of the Georgia Boy Choir, was well received by a full house of music lovers from the congregation and the local community. This was the penultimate stop of a two-week tour throughout the South East – their first outing in over a year – and was St. John’s first concert since February 2020. The concert was a showcase for works of mainly sacred music from their most recent recording, Solace: Post Tenebras Lux, a timely meditation on grief and consolation, featuring poems and prayers of sorrow and hope set to music. 
Steven Branyon, choirmaster and organist at St. John’s Church said, “There are so few boy choirs remaining in the US, and we are proud to support our state boy choir, especially since COVID-19 curtailed their rehearsals and tour. We have a rich musical tradition in the Episcopal Church and want to encourage the young choristers of the Georgia Boy Choir to continue these historical standards.”
Dr. Lucinda Schultz, speaking as a professional teacher of singing and singers, also commented “what a pleasure it was to hear such healthy young voices and especially in light of the great number of concerts which they had already sung; and kudos and high-fives to Dr. David White (the Choir Director) for the excellent choice of repertoire both for these young singers and the audience; music which was musically and esthetically pleasing and compelling, exceedingly well-rehearsed and prepared and confidently and securely performed from memory; additionally  and one of the singularly most important aspects for me was the beautiful and meaningful poetry (of their repertoire) which now is ingrained in their minds and memories and will continue to be a part of these young men’s thoughts throughout their lives.”
Two of the choristers are the grandsons of parishioners, Roland and Sylvia Summers; and this led to a touching moment in the evening when Dr. White announced that one of the pieces, the Aaronic Blessing set to music by John Rutter, was being dedicated in honor of Dr. Summers’ birthday. (In the picture above right: McLain Welch, in glasses to the left; and Bennett Welch, almost obscured between the two boys on the right). 
It was thanks to the generous support of sponsors in the parish that St. John’s was able to offer this concert – much thanks to you all!