"Our mission is to worship God as a loving community that grows in faith and shares the Gospel of Christ."

Prayer of the week

Dear Heavenly Father,

What joy that we can approach You in prayer, confident that You will receive us; You will listen and answer!  

This week, our immediate prayers are for:

  • Marilyn who had shoulder replacement. Be with her as she heals and help her with her therapy and pain;

  • Eric S who is still having trouble recovering from his back surgery. Please allow him to heal so that he can come to church without increased pain;

  • Russell, Emily, Vince and all others who are trying to heal and gain strength. Have them feel your love;

  • our Board, Committees and School as they all work to serve You. Give them wisdom and the patience they need to work together.

Be with these and anyone struggling with any of the challenges of our world. Make Your loving presence felt by those with serious physical, health or mobility challenges, those who live in pain, mourn the loss of a loved one or feel despair, the addicted, I-Help, our Adopted families, the elderly and shut-ins, those struggling with their faith, child rearing or marriage, and our military. Protect those who suffer for Your son’s sake. Keep them strong in Your spirit and help them put their trust in You. Hear our prayer for all these, Lord.

Thank you so much, Lord, for helping Eno find a place to stay with her son. And thank you for allowing Vince to return home! We have been praying for them and it's such a blessing to see our prayers answered!

Thank you for the many blessings You have given our congregation and for the generosity shown by them when needs are made known. Thank you for sending Ali to help our church in the office. Help us to remember, dear Lord, that all blessings come from You. Teach us to receive Your gifts with thanksgiving, that with grateful hearts we may enjoy these gifts.

Thank you, Lord, for always watching over us and guiding us as we try to do the right thing by all we encounter. We are especially grateful for our school and the exciting opportunity it provides for the children of our community. Please continue to bless our endeavors, the teachers, children and their families, and all others who support it.

You are the Light of the world, Your name is above all names, the only name by which we can be saved. May You be glorified by my life today and always.

In Jesus' name,


Continued prayers for those on our hearts and minds for comfort, healing, peace and a life in the Gospel of Christ especially BLC Board and committee members, our school, NA, AA. I-Help, Adopt-A-Families, Joann, Vince, Ray, Lindamarie, Lori, Nathaniel, Griffin, Dorothy, Lindsay, Doris, Alex, Merrill Gardens, The Cottages, Bob and Patty, Sarah, Steve C, Thomas, Michelle, Christa, Robin, Craig C., Kate, Carrie, Joanne, Dotty, Kirk, Beverly, Diane, David, Adriana, Crystal, David, Eric S., Emily

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Please, send prayer requests by replying to this email.

You may also contact Pastor Schmidt or our office at:

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