"Our mission is to worship God as a loving community that grows in faith and shares the Gospel of Christ."

Prayer of the week

Dear Heavenly Father,

What joy that we can approach You in prayer, confident that You will receive us; You will listen and answer!  

This week, our immediate prayers are for:

  • Kathy, a Christian friend of Marilyn's, who just lost her husband and is having trouble coping with her loss. Be with all those who mourn. Bless them with the comfort of your love that they may face each new day with hope and the certainty that nothing can destroy the good that has been given. May their memories become joyful, their days enriched with friendship, and their lives encircled by your love;

  • Marilyn's friend Tama who broke her scapula after shoulder replacement. Be with her and especially with her husband who will be her support and help for the six weeks she is in a sling. Have her healing be complete and their union grow even stronger;

  • all those who are traveling. Bring them home safely, having seen the wonders of your world. May they be refreshed from their travels;

  • Dottie, Lindamarie and all others who need Your help with healing and comfort. Be with them, Lord, and give them the ability to feel Your presence;

  • CCAMB, the teachers and parents and all the children who have returned to school. Protect them from danger, Lord. Have them learn respect, tolerance, and love toward one another.

Be with all who need help, those who are sick or are hurting, those who are hungry, sad, lonely, or overwhelmed by the storms of life. Give them encouragement and have them learn the lessons You might be wanting them to learn through their difficulties. Have them look to the time when things in their lives are better.

Thank you for bringing those who were traveling home safely. Thank you for giving us all we need in life, shelter, food and faith. Bring us closer to you as we try to teach others Your ways. Thank you for providing our little church with willing workers who all do their best, even when it's difficult to see the path forward. Thank you for the talent that is shared every week with us in our services, for Marilyn who is so able at filling in on the organ and piano, Hannah and Marcus who play their violins so beautifully, and for our Pastor who is such a dynamic and energetic leader. Thank you for the Prayer Warriors who are willing to pray for others.

Heavenly Father, thank you for answering our prayers and performing miracles in our lives every day. Help us to never take our life, our health and loved ones for granted.

You are the Light of the world, Your name is above all names, the only name by which we can be saved. May You be glorified by my life today and always.

In Jesus' name,


Continued prayers for those on our hearts and minds for comfort, healing, peace and a life in the Gospel of Christ:

Pastor Josh, BLC Board, committee members and other leaders, our school children and teachers, NA, AA. I-Help, Adopt-A-Families, Joann, Vince, Eric, Ray, Lindamarie, Lori, Nathaniel, Griffin, Dorothy, Lindsay, Doris, Alex, Merrill Gardens, The Cottages, Bob, Patty, Sarah, Steve C, Thomas, Michelle, Christa, Robin, Craig C., Kate, Carrie, Joanne, Dotty, Kirk, Beverly, Diane, David, Adriana, Crystal, Eric S., Emily, Marilyn, Ave Grace, Lori, Walter, Marie, Amanda, Harry, Martha, Jason, AnnaMarie, Barbara, Mike, Donna, Jackie, Laramie, Carlene, Jack, Lore, Steffenson's, Ron, Ray, Nancy, Dorothy

Proverbs 13:4

The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing,

while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.

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