April 20, 2020
Hello Faith Family,
For our prayers this week I thought it would be nice to spend some time focusing on listening rather than speaking. We’ve been emphasizing speaking to our LORD about what’s going on in our world for several weeks, and that is a good and holy practice. It is also good and holy to carve out time to listen to our LORD; to allow him to speak truth into our lives -truths that we may already know, yet still need to penetrate more deeply into our souls to do their healing and strengthening work.
Once again, I am asking Pastor Scotty Smith to do the heavy lifting. The compilation attached through the link below is from the chapter “Prayers for Listening to the Heart of God” in his work Every Season Prayers . This is what he says at the opening of the chapter.
I invite you to use these prayers to relish the love that saturates our world; to marinate in what it means to be loved by God; to allow the favor of the Father, Son and Spirit, heal and strengthen your soul. That is my prayer for each of you, may it be so, or in other words, amen.
In our LORD’s unceasing grip with you,
Pastor Shelley