As many of you know, US duty taxes have been increased on wide variety of Turkish commodities including food products imported from Turkey. This fact will effectively hit prices starting from September 2019. So far our company and the suppliers have been done a great job to keep prices as they are, this change will effect the prices of imported Turkish food dramatically. Even though we will continue to apply discounts, Free shipping promotions and our reward program, we encourage you to stock up some of your needs, since you start to feel the price increases starting as of September.
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Exclusive Ezine Cheese
Tahsildaroglu ~1.5lb
Smoked Dried Sucuk
Brother & Sister 1lb
Cracked Green Olives
Ikram 5lb
Scratched Green Olives
Cheshni 4.4lb
Low Salt Natural Sele Olives
Ikram 2lb
Pine Honey
Cheshni 480g
Menengic Coffee
Kirkyil 200g
Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger Tea
Arifoglu 165g.
Apple Tea
Arifoglu 170g
Shelled Wheat for Asure
Duru 1kg
Asure Mix
Dr Oetker 225g.
Fried Doug Ball Mix
Dr Oetker 357g
Baked Kadayif
Ege 400g
Sekerpare w/ Hazelnuts
Ege 250g.
Low Sugar Chestnut Candy
Kardelen 500g
Tuna in Olive Oil
Dardanel 160g
North Aegean EVOO
Taris 500ml
Dried Peppers for Stuffing
Goksoy ~30pc
Poppy Seeds
Arifoglu 250g
Oregano Flakes
Arifoglu 60g
Tomato Soup with Noodles
Knorr 86g
Cocoa Tea Biscuits
Eti 370g
Cheese Sandwich Crackers
Ulker 90g
No Salt Bread Rusks
Eti 336g
Handmade Clay Pot
Cheshni D14" H7"
Natural Olive Oil Soap
Taris 350g
Adana Kebap Skewers
Set of 3