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January 8, 2018
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A Family that Recovers Together, Stays Together
In my family, addiction was treated with the same love and affection as if I had suffered from any other potentially fatal illness...receiving words of encouragement from my family gave me hope and strength to continue moving forward.
November 25, 2017 for drugfree.org by Keegan Wicks, a person in recovery
 The Link between Trauma & Addiction
...painful childhood experiences play a role in developing a heightened reaction to stress. As a result, a person may be at greater risk of developing mental and substance use disorders as well as other health-related problems. 
Reported on December 28, 2017 for drugfree.org by Pat A., Master Addictions Counselor

What is the Definition of a
"Drinking Problem"?
Click on the book to read this in-depth guide on the causes, diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism.
Report by ADAM Health