Resources for the HOME Week of May 17th
Weekly Resources

Dear Immanuel Family,

We will NOT be meeting in person for worship just yet. We have a team in place to work on what our worship experience will look like once we reopen. We will continue to live stream services for the time being. There will be announcement made before worship begins tomorrow at 9am from Immanuel's Congregational President,Tim Brusseau. Be sure to listen for more information about our reopening plan.

As things are changing daily, summer youth ministry dates have not been scheduled. Once they are scheduled an email and texts will be sent out. Thank you for you patience as we try to make the best decision possible.

Vacation Bible School has officially been postponed. The VBS team is working on a plan to offer a mini VBS experience later this summer. Help us by providing some feedback so we can continue our plans. We will be saving the Rocky Railroad theme for summer 2021. This summer our new theme will be Anchored: Deepening our Faith in God. Please help us by filling out the survey by May. 22.

Food Drive for our Immanuel and Bethany Lutheran Community May 6-21. More information click here. We have had great response so far! Keep dropping off your donations M-F 8-4.

High School and College Graduation -Please email the church office at with graduation information. This will give us an opportunity as a church to support and recognize our students. Or fill out this form:

Please be sure to check our bulletin each week for more announcements. The link is below in the red box.

Below you will find links to: 1) Link to our Bulletin 2) Devotions 3) zoom links for youth ministry 4) Sunday School at Home Video 5) Youth Group at home Video.

  Connect with your Immanuel Family

What’s been going through your mind during these “Safer at Home” days? Have you been spending time in a particular section of Scripture? Would you be willing to share your thoughts with others? To help us encourage one another and stay connected, we would like to provide weekly devotions for our congregation.

We are looking for people of  all ages  to submit their devotional thoughts to be shared on Immanuel’s website and in the bulletin. (Note: Immanuel is limited on the amount of content in the bulletin each week, so no guarantee when it will be printed in the bulletin.)  
Don’t worry if your devotion isn’t “perfect.” Each devotion submitted will be reviewed for theological content and grammar by a team lead by Heather Vahl before it is published. 

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.
1.        Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance before you begin.
2.        Provide a title for the devotion.
3.        Include at least one Bible reference to either read or look up. (Including Bible version – NIV, ESV, etc.) 
4.        Maximum of 375 words. The devotion may include poetry, fiction, a personal story, an essay, a piece of original artwork to reflect on, you name it... There are lots of possibilities when it comes to learning from God’s Word and each other.
5.        Include 2 or 3 discussion questions or thoughts.
6.        Include a prayer prompt at the end of the devotion.
7.        Have fun and be creative!  
Please submit all ideas to .

Sunday Morning 6th Grade Confirmation class- Sundays 9:30am NEW LINK:

Meeting ID: 716 6819 5911 Password: 1FF6US May 17, Last one for the program year.

High School Youth - Sundays at 7:30pm May 17th. NEW LINK:

Meeting ID: 717 5900 2445 Password: 1bdX1U

Monday 7th Grade Confirmation Class - Mondays at 7pm NEW LINK:

Meeting ID: 716 4768 8190 Password: 2QWtFy Last one May 18th

Monday 8th Grade Confirmation Class - Mondays at 8pm NEW LINK:

Meeting ID: 731 1695 1696 Password: 7fTbHA Last one May 18th

We thank God for the use of technology to stay connected.
Until we meet together in person again!
In Christ,
Heather Vahl
Director of Youth and Discipleship
Sunday School at Home

It's Good to Worship God with Others

This week's lesson is about worshiping God with others and how important relationships are to our lives.

To fully participate you will need a rolled up pair of socks for each person, a box for each person, your Bible, markers, scissors, paper, tape and a pencil.

Don't forget to be looking for God Sightings! Record them somehow so you always have something to help remind you of God's Blessings!
Youth Group at Home (grades 6-12)
Who Am I Session 1

Read Genesis 32.

1. Describe yourself in three words.

2. Why do you think we as humans spend so much of our time and energy trying to shape and define our identity?

3. If you’re honest, where are some places you find yourself turning for answers to the question, “Who am I”?
4. How does your relationship with God shape your identity?

5. What is one way your identity as a child of God overcomes some of the more negative ways in which you may have be tempted to see yourself?

6. Jacob wrestled with God both literally and figuratively. Can you think of a time in which you wrestled with God over something?

7. Jacob discovered precisely who he was when he accepted God’s leadership over his life. What do you need to surrender to God in order to truly understand who you are?

Close in prayer.