Every week students are exploring a variety of academics, technology, and the arts. Please enjoy some of our favorite traditions and new traditions happening at Park Maitland School.
Our 6th grade world history students practiced being history detectives this week in class. Working in groups, they were given either a primary or secondary source and challenged to think like historians. This entailed closely examining the source or artifact, analyzing its context, checking to see if their assumptions agreed with known facts or supporting evidence, and judging the source for any apparent bias. 
In Ms. Rudolph's science class, K4 students discussed the scientific method. She presented a question to the class, they made their hypothesis, and they conducted an experiment. Students had a blast participating!
Third and fourth grade students in Ms. Lightman's class have been working on icebreaker challenges in teams. The goal is to create both the longest and strongest paper chains with a single sheet of paper. 

AJ and Lylah won the strongest contest. We ran out of weights - it was so strong!