Every week students are exploring a variety of academics, technology, and the arts. Please enjoy some of our favorite traditions and new traditions happening at Park Maitland School.
Anticipation. Beach bonding has been a long-standing tradition at Park Maitland School. Since K4, many of our super seniors have watched 6th grade classes leave for the beach. Now it was their turn! Students carried bags with sunscreen, beach towels, bathing suits, and a camera to capture the unforgettable moments that day. "I enjoyed going to the beach, really knowing nobody. I was excited to meet new people." Maeven H. said. When students arrived, Ms. Bonus surprised them with bracelets. They spent most of the day enjoying the waves and each other's company. Students had the chance to create sand sculptures, play charades, play kickball, and swim. "My favorite thing about the beach bonding event was the egg toss." Jackson M. said. "I had a blast at the 2021 beach bonding. We ate watermelon, pizza, granola bars, and more pizza. The 6th graders even adopted 2 turtle nests. The waves were like mountains, they were so tall." Evelyn H. said.
K4's in Ms. Leider's class read a sweet story about Elmer the Elephant. They learned all about being unique, colorful, and remembering to love themselves.
6th Grade Art
Under Ms. Bonus's tutelage, 6th grade students worked on reverse painting this week.