Every week students are exploring a variety of academics, technology, and the arts. Please enjoy some of our favorite traditions and new traditions happening at Park Maitland School.
Who is ready to go apple picking? Our fall weather is here, and our sweet K5 students enjoyed their time celebrating Johnny Appleseed Day. Students played games, such as "pin the apple", making necklaces, and creating their very own Johnny Appleseed hat. "My favorite part of the day was making necklaces." Maya Salicrup said. "My favorite was apple tasting!" Rachel Korenblit and Hudson Rabenovets said. There were so many varieties of apples that we had to ask our students which one was their favorite. They had a chance to try Red Delicious, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious. Yum!
Science Teacher, Ms. Petree, had her fifth grade students learning about food and how it fits into Ecosystems. Students had an opportunity to decide what to plant; some were excited to plant rainbow carrots.
This week, Mr. H, from the world of the letter people, came to town with crazy, wacky hair. K4 students could not wait to show off their crazy wild hair to Mr. H in the crazy hair parade.
Amal Unbound
5th Grade students in Ms. Cardamone's and Ms. McGuire's classes have been participating in a literature circle reading Amal Unbound and learning how to have a positive group discussion with their group in class.
This week, 6th grade art teacher, Ms. Bonus had 6th grade students in an outdoor exploration around campus to photograph extreme foreground and extreme background. We can't wait to see what the final art piece will look like, stay tuned.
Florida Project
In Ms. Dick's Science and Social Studies class, our second-grade students have been working on the culmination of the Florida Project. Students presented their final projects to the class! Way to go!