Weekly Round-Up: Shining Waters Council
September 28th Edition Contents:

  • Registration Opens October 1st: Your Check-List
  • Emergency Response Plan Webinars: Register Today
  • Homeschooling Scouters Coffee Chats: Join us!
  • Reminder: Welcome Back to Scouting Training Uniform Flash Offer
  • Reminder: Scouters Mug-Up: Register Today
  • Reminder: Scouts Coffee
Registration for 2021 is Coming. Is Your Group Ready?

Registration opens for returning members on October 1st. Here is your checklist to assist you in preparing for the next registration window:

  • Confirm each section’s meeting locations, times and contact details are up-to-date in MyScouts.

  • Confirm Group Fees and date parameters are set in MyScouts. See How to View and Set Organization Fees for a detailed guide
  • Verify or add the summer programming option if your Group offers summer programming. See 'How to enable Summer Programming Option on the Group Locator.' for a detailed guide.
  • Confirm each section’s maximum participant limit is correct in MyScouts. 
  • Verify Volunteer numbers for the entire upcoming registration period- ensure the Two Scouter Rule and Section Ratio is maintained. 
  • Verify that all Volunteers are Active. Registered and not missing screening requirements. (For GCs, Registrars, Administrators)

Important Dates:

  • October 1: Registration for January 2021 opens for current members. Current members are defined as all participants that paid for Scouting during the 2019-2020 Scouting Year. All current members will have the opportunity to register and guarantee their spot for January 2021.

  • October 15: Registration for January 2021 opens for free trial participants. Free trial participants will have 1 week to guarantee a spot with their Group. 

  • October 23: Registration opens to the general public for Scouting in 2021.

Now may be a good time to re-read "The New Normal: Group Commissioner FAQ" for more information and things to consider while preparing for this new registration period.

We understand there are still many unknowns to us nowadays. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach out to your GSS or RM for support.
Emergency Response Plan (ERPS) Webinars: Register Today

Knowing how to complete an ERP for your section may seem a little daunting, especially if you've never had to complete one before, and, especially if we're building them in the middle of a pandemic.

Join Scouters Eric and Alex Post from Central Escarpment Council to find out everything you need know about preparing your section's ERPs using the new ERP templates.

Who is this webinar for?

  • Group Commissioners
  • Section Scouters
  • Any Scouter interested in learning more about how to prepare ERPs.

Three sessions are scheduled, but you only need to attend one.


Tuesday September 29th, 8:30 to 9:30 pm
Monday October 5th, 8:30 to 9:30 pm
Tuesday October 6th, 12 pm to 1 pm

Register for any of the sessions HERE.

You may also read more about the webinars HERE
Calling all Homeschooling Parent-Scouters

If you are a scouter who is also a homeschooling parent, we want YOU to take part in a new initiative for Shining Waters Council!

With the advent of virtual day school and many parents opting to teach their youth at home, we are keen to explore the opportunities for a daytime scouting program for homeschooled youth and families n the council.

Please join us for a coffee chat to help stir up ideas, network, and share in the excitement as we begin to build a homeschooling scouting network in Shining Waters Counci.


Tuesday October 6th, 6 pm - 7 pm


Wednesday October 7th 3 pm to 4 pm

If endeavoring to offer a daytime program locally to you is something you would like to discuss or know more about, please email Nicole: nicole.donadio@scouts.ca, or join us on one or both of our chats next week.
Reminder: Show your Know-How: Uniform Flash for Grads of Welcome Back to Scouting

The first 500 graduates of the Welcome Back to Scouting modules in the David Huestis Learning Centre will receive this unique uniform flash exclusive to Shining Waters Council.

How do I earn one and how will I get my flash?

If you have already attended a Welcome Back to Scouting webinar, you are on the list; if you have already completed the course modules online, you will also be awarded. Well done!

Flashes will be mailed out so please ensure your mailing address is current on your myscouts proflle.

Please note, if you haven't yet reviewed the full complement of online content, we highly recommend you do so. The webinars and online content are intended to go hand-in-hand.

Here is a handy video to help you access the online content in case you are feeling stuck:

Plus: it really is information that will help you and your scouting peers to facilitate great, safe, scouting adventures, ready to take on the new challenges and opportunities that may lay ahead.

The flashes are currently in production so keep up the good work!
Reminder: Scout Coffee is Brewing and Everyone's Invited!

Do you have a thirst for more Scouts Coffee knowledge?

For a recording of the September 4th session, click here.

NEW - Sales Brochures Available

Scout Coffee brochures are ready for your caffeine-loving eyes to gander over.

Sign up your group to take part in the fundraising today. You only have until October 5th until the form closes and online sales launch on October 12.

It's Going to Be(an) a Great Fundraiser Be(an)cause:

  • 35% of profits go back to groups; 5% goes to NOLB
  • All products shipped directly to customers
  • No handling of cash necessary!
  • Equator Coffee is a fair-trade, organic roaster located right here in Canada
  • Aligns with our Sustainable Development Goals
  • It's coffee!
Reminder: Scouters Mug-Up Online Registration Now Open

Scouters Mug-Up Registration is now open through the David Huestis Learning Centre (DHLC)

The Mug-Ups are awesome ways to connect and network with peer scouters and share ideas about programming great, safe, Scouting adventures for your youth this fall, and follow on the discussions and camaraderie from the Welcome Back to Scouting webinars offered earlier.

What if I didn't get to attend the Welcome Back to Scouting Webinar?

Fear not! You may tune into a recorded webinar anytime, available in the DHLC

Interested in leading a Company or Crew Mug-Up?

The Program Team is on the look-out for youth members in Company and Crew to lead Company and Crew Mug-Ups. If this sounds like something a Venturer in your Company would enjoy, or if you're a Rover yourself, send me an email please! nicole.donadio@scouts.ca.
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