Weekly Round-Up: Shining Waters Council
September 11th Edition Contents:

  • Free Trial Registration Opens September 16th
  • Welcome Back to Scouting: Uniform Flash for Graduates
  • Pandemic Standard Stage 2 Notebook: Adventure Teams vs Patrols.
  • Call for Scouters: Virtual Group Pilot in SWC
  • National Virtual Campfire #2

September 16th is Nearing for Free Trial Sign-Up: Things You Need to Know

September 15th is the deadline for current members to indicate their intent to return to Scouting.

Step by Step guide to prep for Free Trial

  • Now - Sep 14th: Phone parents of youth who haven't yet responded to the intent to return survey. Remind them about the deadline on September 15th and to hold their spot for the fall session by registering their intent. Another reminder email will be sent out by our Marcom team on September 14th.
  • September 15th: Review your section capacities in myscouts to allow for free trial participants to join on September 16th. Do you have more room that you thought at first? What other adjustments need to be made?
  • September 16th: Send invites to any interested parents you have been in contact with. They may enroll their children by visiting www.scouts.ca/join
  • September 16th and onward: Use this worksheet as a scouter team to assign youth and scouters to patrols This will help you get your plans down on paper and review before the outdoor program begins.
  • Anytime: Schedule a parent orientation night to review the standards and procedures with parents so everyone has a good understanding of how we'll operate great, safe, scouting adventures this fall.

Check out the FAQ on Preparing for Fall Scouting in the Support Centre for more details.

And: don't forget, you have a whole team here to help you. Please reach out to your GSS or SRM at any time. We're here to support your preparation for fall scouting and to enable great, safe, scouting adventures in Shining Waters Council!
Show your Know-How: Uniform Flash for Grads of Welcome Back to Scouting

The first 500 graduates of the Welcome Back to Scouting modules in the David Huestis Learning Centre will receive this unique uniform flash exclusive to Shining Waters Council.

More details to come about how you can obtain this once-in-a-lifetime flash!

Stage 2 Pandemic Standard Scouter's Notebook: Adventure Teams vs Patrols

We've all heard a lot about how important patrols will be as we embark on our outdoor program this fall. You may have also heard the term "adventure team." What's the difference between patrols and adventure teams and why is it important?

A ‘patrol’ is a general Scouting term for a small team, typically 6 to 8 youth.
We know them as lodges, lairs, patrols, and expedition teams, depending on the section we're facilitating. In our Stage 2 outdoor model, youth must remain in their patrol assignment every week.

An 'adventure team' contains up to 16 youth in their patrol system. For example, an adventure team could be 2 patrols of 8 youth, or 4 patrols of 4 youth. 

So an adventure team is a team of patrols of no more than 16 youth in whatever configuration works in your group. This allows a section of 16 Cubs to meet at the same time in two patrols and to operate as one adventure team.

Why do we need to make adventure teams?

Adventure teams allow groups to bring together 16 youth at once while still remaining separated physically. As they are meeting at the same location, this allows section scouters to fill in only one AAF for the adventure team. This also means however that all the patrols in one team are meeting in the same location at the same time and under the same conditions.

Groups may create adventure teams across sections as well, so a lair and a lodge may meet as one adventure team, too. This is useful for groups who have many siblings who are used to attending meetings on the same night at the same location.

What's most important is that all participants continue to practice physical distancing regardless of whether their adventure team is made up of 6 kids or 16 kids.

Key Points:

  • A patrol is a group of up to 8 youth; an adventure team is a group of patrols of no more than 16 youth altogether who meet at the same location on the same day and under the same conditions.
  • Each adventure team requires a separate AAF for outdoor program.
  • Everyone must still comply with physical distancing within and outside of their own patrol while at an outdoor scouting activity.

For more content related to the safe return to outdoor program, please see the learning series uploaded for you on the David Huestis Learning Centre and the COVID-19 resource page.
Call for Scouters: Virtual Program Opportunity

Hello Scouters! Are you more at home in a virtual environment than the rocks and trees kind of environment? Do you have a keen sense of how to make a virtual scouting environment engaging and fulfilling for Scouters and kids?

If being a Scouter who exclusively facilitates an awesome virtual program sounds like something you want to do, we want to hear from you!

Shining Waters Council would like to pilot a centralized virtual group this fall. The group would offer weekly virtual meetings to youth and allow for youth to take part in Scouting during the free trial who may not be comfortable in an outdoor, in-person environment just yet.

The virtual group would also facilitate program for youth who currently belong to groups but do not intend to take part in outdoor program.

With a centralized, specialized virtual group available, we have the opportunity to offer a brand of Scouting to many more youth who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity.

If you are interested in volunteering as a section scouter or a group committee member (namely, a group commissioner) in our pilot virtual group, please fill out this Google form.

If you have any questions or ideas or thoughts, please reach out to Nicole Donadio, Council Relationship Manager by email: nicole.donadio@scouts.ca
Mark Your Calendars for the National Virtual Campfire #2

Saturday September 26th, 7 pm to 8 pm

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/645181599448725/

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