Weekly Round-Up: Shining Waters Council
September 18th Edition Contents:
  • Revisions to Stage 2 Standard
  • Welcome Back to Scouting: Uniform Flash for Graduates
  • Scouts Coffee: Upcoming Info Session and More
  • Scouters Mug-Up: Register Today
  • Reminder: Call for Scouters: Virtual Group Pilot in SWC
  • Reminder: National Virtual Campfire #2

Important Revisions to the Step-by-Step Return to Scouting STAGE 2 Standard

Hello Scouters

Please take note of the important revisions to the Scouting Stage 2 Standard which have been published to https://www.scouts.ca/news-and-events/covid-19/fall-camping-prohibited.html

Camping is prohibited for the short-term across the country.

What does this mean for Shining Waters Council?

  • As noted in the weekly roundup two weeks ago, camping is prohibited in Ontario for youth right now; the ban on camping is now part of the national Stage 2 Standard across the country.
  • We may continue to host outdoor meetings as long as they are in alignment with local rules and regulations. This does not change.
  • We must all keep in mind to heed local guidance - if you need help determining what local guidance to be aware of, or are not sure if it pertains to Scouting, or if you have any other questions, please reach out to your GSS or RM, or me, Nicole (nicole.donadio@scouts.ca). We are here to help you make informed, empowered decisions.

Alignment and Guiding Principles
Scouts Canada’s response to COVID-19 has been guided by the following principles:
  • Start Scouting when it is safe to do so
  • Not be first mover but a fast follower
  • Learn from others and the return-to-school process and impact
  • Progressive return to Scouting — stages
  • Follow provincial requirements — use a National standard applied in a regional setting & phasing
At Scouts Canada, we will continue to take a leadership position to support the efforts of provinces versus reopening quickly and stretching the envelope. As we continue to navigate an uncertain future together during this pandemic, we at Scouts Canada will continue to prioritise the safety of our members while cultivating the vibrant community that has remained resilient for over a century.
To keep up to date with our latest actions and next steps, visit our Novel Coronavirus Update page.
Still have questions? Explore our COVID-19 FAQ for answers.
Show your Know-How: Uniform Flash for Grads of Welcome Back to Scouting

The first 500 graduates of the Welcome Back to Scouting modules in the David Huestis Learning Centre will receive this unique uniform flash exclusive to Shining Waters Council.

How do I earn one and how will I get my flash?

If you have already attended a Welcome Back to Scouting webinar, you are on the list; if you have already completed the course modules online, you will also be awarded. Well done!

Flashes will be mailed out so please ensure your mailing address is current on your myscouts proflle.

Please note, if you haven't yet reviewed the full complement of online content, we highly recommend you do so. The webinars and online content are intended to go hand-in-hand.

Here is a handy video to help you access the online content in case you are feeling stuck:

Plus: it really is information that will help you and your scouting peers to facilitate great, safe, scouting adventures, ready to take on the new challenges and opportunities that may lay ahead.

The flashes are currently in production so keep up the good work!
Scout Coffee is Brewing...and Everyone's Invited!

Do you have a thirst for more Scouts Coffee knowledge?

Cool beans, cause we have another info session lined up for you to take part in!

When: Tuesday September 22nd, 7 pm to 8 pm. Register here. You may also elect to not attend and then receive the presentation slides afterwards.

For a recording of the September 4th session, click here.

NEW - Sales Brochures Available

Scout Coffee brochures are ready for your caffeine-loving eyes to gander over.

Sign up your group to take part in the fundraising today. You only have until October 5th until the form closes and online sales launch on October 12.

It's Going to Be(an) a Great Fundraiser Be(an)cause:

  • 35% of profits go back to groups; 5% goes to NOLB
  • All products shipped directly to customers
  • No handling of cash necessary!
  • Equator Coffee is a fair-trade, organic roaster located right here in Canada
  • Aligns with our Sustainable Development Goals
  • It's coffee!
Scouters Mug-Up Online Registration Now Open

Scouters Mug-Up Registration is now open through the David Huestis Learning Centre (DHLC)

The Mug-Ups are awesome ways to connect and network with peer scouters and share ideas about programming great, safe, Scouting adventures for your youth this fall, and follow on the discussions and camaraderie from the Welcome Back to Scouting webinars offered earlier.

What if I didn't get to attend the Welcome Back to Scouting Webinar?

Fear not! You may tune into a recorded webinar anytime, available in the DHLC

Interested in leading a Company or Crew Mug-Up?

The Program Team is on the look-out for youth members in Company and Crew to lead Company and Crew Mug-Ups. If this sounds like something a Venturer in your Company would enjoy, or if you're a Rover yourself, send me an email please! nicole.donadio@scouts.ca.
Reminder: Call for Scouters: Virtual Program Opportunity

Hello Scouters! Are you more at home in a virtual environment than the rocks and trees kind of environment? Do you have a keen sense of how to make a virtual scouting environment engaging and fulfilling for Scouters and kids?

If being a Scouter who exclusively facilitates an awesome virtual program sounds like something you want to do, we want to hear from you!

Shining Waters Council would like to pilot a centralized virtual group this fall. The group would offer weekly virtual meetings to youth and allow for youth to take part in Scouting during the free trial who may not be comfortable in an outdoor, in-person environment just yet.

The virtual group would also facilitate program for youth who currently belong to groups but do not intend to take part in outdoor program.

With a centralized, specialized virtual group available, we have the opportunity to offer a brand of Scouting to many more youth who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity.

If you are interested in volunteering as a section scouter or a group committee member (namely, a group commissioner) in our pilot virtual group, please fill out this Google form.

If you have any questions or ideas or thoughts, please reach out to Nicole Donadio, Council Relationship Manager by email: nicole.donadio@scouts.ca
Reminder: Mark Your Calendars for the National Virtual Campfire #2

Saturday September 26th, 7 pm to 8 pm

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/645181599448725/
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