In Your Kit: Everything You Need to Survive the Great 8 Challenge

  • The Basics
  • ScoutCon: New Skills Every Week
  • Prizes!
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Eight Challenges, Eight Weeks: The Basics

How it works:

  1. Every Monday morning from April 19 until June 7th, Les' intro video for the challenge of the week will be posted to our website. Each challenge is meant to be a surprise to the youth, so even though YOU know what's next, don't let them know. It's more fun that way :)
  2. The Scouter's Guide Book outlines the eight challenges, including the supply lists for each section. This is perfect for planning ahead and ensuring you are well equipped (in all sense of the word!) to facilitate awesome adventures.
  3. Make sure you submit your challenges online every week to the weekly prizes; in order to earn all the pieces of the composite crest, you need to complete 6 out of 8 challenges. Need help? Here is a quick video tutorial.
  4. You have until June 12 to enter all of your challenges to the submission form, but don't leave it all to the last minute -- we want to see how the youth are surviving!
  5. Looking for additional ideas? The Program Support Team has put together an Idea Cheat Sheet of Awesomeness. It's a living document being populated with awesome ideas by scouters just like you!

Special Note About Submitting Photos

Make sure all youth appearing in photos you upload to the submission form have signed the photo release. Not sure how to check? Here are the steps to take:

  1. Log into myscouts
  2. On your section roster, select the youth to pull up their profile
  3. On the left hand side of the screen, click on "Directory, Photo and Fundraising Release."
  4. myscouts will open a window; here you can see whether or not the caregiver has said "yes" or "no" in consenting for photo release.

How YOU Can Be Prepared!

It's okay if you don't know how to facilitate each of these challenges. Really! Not everyone knows everything about building shelters, eating wild plants, and first aid. Participating in the Great 8 Challenge means we'll be trying out new things, and we have resources to help you do your best.

Each week, the Program Support Team will host a skills night to prepare you for the next week's challenge. Check out page 3 of the Scouter Guide; full list of sessions are posted on the David Huestis Learning Centre under Spring ScoutCon (You can also follow the links on page 3 of the Scouter Guide).

Join in on a weekly Mug-Up to share and network with your peers, too. Who knows? You might even be the scouter who has the idea that works perfectly for another group. Sharing, sharing, sharing. Mug-Ups are listed in the guide on page, you guessed it, 3.

Check out this short video tutorial to learn where and how to sign up for Skills Nights and more!
What's a Challenge Without Prizes?

Shining Waters, your group has a lot of opportunities to SHINE each week throughout the Challenge.

Psst! Ghost crests are awarded for creative submissions!
Quick Links

Have a great time survivin'!

If you need help or have any questions, please reach out to your RM or GSS, or Program Support - Or me, Nicole -

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