Weekly Round-Up for January 17th, 2020
  • The Great Canadian Scouting Adventure - Learn More!
  • Upcoming Scouter Development Events in SWC
  • ScoutCon BC-Y: Sign Up Today!
  • Spring Fundraising Update
  • Scout Coffee: Celebrate Our Success
  • Virtual Resources: Quick Links
  • Scouters Mug Up: January 29th, 7 pm EST
The Great Canadian Scouting Adventure has Begun!

Explore the natural and historic wonders around you!

A country as big as Canada has a lot of stories to tell. The Great Canadian Scouting Adventure is our chance to explore the wonders of the natural world and the rich history all around us!
It's a fantastic site to explore during virtual section meetings with our youth and can also be explored and enjoyed with your families or on your own!

Learn about important heritage sites around you and across the country, discover the perfect job working in parks (is there a baby raccoon sitter job?!) or design a postcard to mail to a friend.


a great adventure awaits you when you commit to take action! We’ll send you a commemorative crest to celebrate the work you are doing through Scouting to make your community a better place for everyone. Share your project on our interactive Scouts for Sustainability Take Action map and connect the dots between your action and the rest of your amazing adventures on the Canadian Path.
Happy travels!

Scouter Development Events in SWC

We are very happy to tell you all about two scouter development events planned for the coming weeks:


Active Scouters who are in year one and need to complete their WB1: we have a development event just for you!

Join us for a two-session learning event on Saturday January 30th from 10:30 to 11 and Saturday February 20th (time TBD):

Saturday January 30th we'll focus on scouter development map and scouter resources before breaking off into patrols for discussion.

In the follow-up on Saturday February 20th, we'll discuss how you implemented the resources introduced during the first session into your section meetings. Throughout, you'll have the opportunity to learn by doing and how to facilitate Plan- Do- Review. You will also have an opportunity in both sessions to ask a Program Support Manager anything!

Register before January 25th to take part!

Welcome to Shining Waters

Special note: GCs: please share with any applicant volunteers you may have. Everyone: please feel free to invite anyone you know who may be interested in volunteering, too!

This hour long session is for applicant volunteers who have recently begun the screening and training elements in order to become an active volunteer and don a red shirt!

In the session we will cover:

  • Who is who: your support team and the wider Scouting network
  • Scouting during COVID-19
  • Nuts and Bolts of the screening and training process


Tuesday February 9th, 7 pm to 8 pm

Click here to register.

Join Scouters on the West Coast for ScoutCon: BC-Yukon!

On January 23rd, come together (at a distance) with Scouters to share in a day of virtual Scouter development! The BCY Scouter Development Day is the perfect opportunity to start 2021 off strong (and is open to Scouters across the nation). Whether you are brand new or a seasoned vet, the event will take your scouting game to the next level. On top of fantastic resources to take back to your section, you will have the opportunity to create a network of like-minded Scouters.

Check out the registration link for details about the event schedule, session details, and more!
Spring Fundraising Update

Mark your group calendars! Here are the dates for the two national fundraising campaigns on their way to us this spring:

Scout Seeds: February 1 to March 31

Scout Popcorn: April 1 to May 31

More information about these campaigns will be made available soon!

Scout Coffee Recap!

Shining Waters Council sold $12150.99 in Scout Coffee this fall, with $4252.89 going back to the groups!

Top Sellers:
1. 2nd Innisfil - $2209.20
2. 1st Stouffville - $1444.50
3. 3rd Collingwood - $1369.50
4. 392nd Thornhill Muslim Group - $1095.60
5. Newmarket $1030.71

Well done. Keep up the great work, SWC!
Virtual Resources: A Little Library

Looking for all sorts of virtual resources? Download this list!

Have more to share? Please post them on our Facebook discussion page or email them to nicole.donadio@scouts.ca.

Don't forget about all the resources at hand on www.scouts.ca!

Scouters Mug Up: Coming Soon!

Join Scouters for conversation and networking at the next mug-up.

Date: Friday January 29th, 7 pm EST

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