Weekly Round-Up: Shining Waters Council
September 4th Edition Contents:
  • Camping in Ontario: Updates
  • New Registration Windows: Mark Your Calendars
  • Get Connected: Shining Waters Council New Website and Facebook Discussion Page
  • Recognition Updates
  • Scouts Coffee - Check out the Video!
  • Program Resources for Outdoor and Virtual Meetings are Ready
Camping in Ontario for Youth Not Allowed Under Current Ministry Guidelines

As of September 5th, 2020, the Ontario Government has not yet lifted the ban on overnight camping for youth.

Shining Waters Council and all groups operating in Ontario need to follow the Provincial Guideline which currently notes "Overnight stays at camp for children" are deemed high risk for the time being. See the "Ontario Guideline" link below for further info.

What does this mean for us as Scouters?

Our Pandemic Program Modification Standard states "1c. Incremental or greater requirements specified by Federal, Provincial and / or Municipal health and safety restrictions supersede those outlined in this Standard."


as part of our planning process for outdoor activities, we need to take care to review our municipal, provincial and federal standards to ensure we are not unintentionally working outside of the government guidelines.

Here are the links you will find useful in keeping up with additional guidelines:

Gosh. This is overwhelming. I've read through the different guidelines, but I'm still not clear about whether or not I can meet outside/camp etc with my section or group.

This is understandable. We are all trying our best and doing everything we can to make sure our youth enjoy great, safe, scouting adventures.

If you or any of your scouters need assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to your GSS or RM. That's what we're here for.

But! We really miss camping! What can we do instead?

Here are some ideas to help whet our camping appetites.

  1. Run a practice event. No overnight stays are allowed, but we can still plan and offer a day-time camp with a campfire, so long as we follow the standards and a signed AAF is completed in time for the activity to take place.
  2. Run a virtual camp. Many groups ran some fantastic virtual camps over the summer. We know, it's not the same, but it's still a great way to collaborate and enjoy the outdoors.
  3. Plan a special adventure with your youth. Remember, our program is still youth-led. What sort of adventures can we facilitate during this pandemic? What ideas do the youth have in mind for outdoor adventures not requiring overnight stays?

New Registration Windows

All Scouters, please take note of the following updates to our registration calendar:

  • September 15: deadline for current members to guarantee their spot for fall Scouting (members will be able to sign-up after September 15; however free trial opens on the 16th and new youth may take the remaining spots)

  • September 16: Free Trial sign up opens. Prospective members can try Scouting for Free through our Join page on Scouts.ca.

  • October 1: Registration for January 2021 opens for current members. 

  • October 15: Registration for January 2021 opens for free trial participants. Free trial participants will have 1 week to guarantee a spot with their Group. 

  • October 23: Registration opens to the general public for Scouting in 2021.

Getting Social and Keeping Up to Date with Shining Waters Council

Did you know we have a new website and a council Facebook Discussion Group?

Bookmark our website here and join our Facebook Group here!

Recognition Updates

Recognition Verification - we have now updated our Recognition pages with 2019-20 recipients (Growth, Top Section Awards, and Outstanding Service Awards).
 Please report any discrepancies to Peck Yap (peck.yap@scouts.ca) by Saturday, September 12. 

For Top Section Awards, please update on myScouts where possible. If not - please send an email to Peck Yap.

Did You Miss the Scouts Coffee Info Session?

Guess who has you covered? (Spolier, it's us!)

You can view the webinar at your leisure


Groups who intend to take part in the fundraiser can please confirm their participation by filling out this form.

For questions, please reach out to giving@scouts.ca

Can't wait to get (very, very, very) caffeinated this fall.

PS, for those of you who sometimes wait until the last minute to Christmas shop, this may be a good strategy for you to get it done all at once and in one place without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Skip the malls and Amazon this year and gift everyone a bag of Misty Morning!

*do not give coffee to babies or small children as a Christmas gift*
(More) Welcome Back to Scouting Resources Have Arrived

If you're looking for sample meeting templates for both virtual and outdoor meetings, please check out the COVID-19 Resources page.

On it you'll find:

  • 12 weeks of play by play meeting scripts from Colony up to Troop
  • 8 week of virtual program scripts for Colony and Pack
  • Downloads of many Stage 2 Standard forms including the self-assessment screening checklist, drop off and pick up forms, the updated AAF and more

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