Weekly Round-Up for November 23, 2020

  • Know-vember: What's On This Week
  • Safety Plans: Need-to-Know

Know-vember: What's On This Week

Lots of great sessions are in store all week long, including last night's Fireside Chat with Kevin Callan The Happy Camper (9 pm eastern time), Winter Adventures, GameStorming and Mental Health.

Sign up anytime in the David Huestis Learning Centre (DHLC).

Missed out on a session? No problem! Sessions are recorded and uploaded to the DHLC. You may watch at your leisure!
Safety Plans: Need-to-Know

With groups across Shining Waters participating in all sorts of awesome outdoor adventures during the COVID-19 pandemic, our diligence and attention to safety has never been greater.

At this time, we would like to ensure all groups taking part in in-person meetings complete a safety plan.

What is a safety plan?

A safety plan is a combination of both a copy of the Provincial Operating Plan and a completed Emergency Response Plans (ERP). There are two kinds of ERPs - one for junior sections, another for senior.

Some provinces require the development of operational plans specific to business and services in their province. The PDF document of the Provincial Operating Plan (POP) provides all the information required for those provinces that require Provincial Operational Plans. In addition, the PDF provides the compiled materials that can be used to show to an authorised health authority or occupational health inspector on request.

Please also download the standards relevant to the pandemic stage your group operates in. Not sure what stage your group is in? Check here for updates.

So a safety plan contains 3 items:

  1. A copy of the Provincial Operating Plan
  2. Completed ERPs
  3. A copy of the relevant Scouts Canada pandemic standard - found here.

I'm working on my ERP and I need help

We recognize that as you begin the exercise of drafting your ERP you may have some questions or feel you need more information about how to complete some of the fields. That's just fine! It's a new exercise for many of us. If you need assistance, please reach out to your GSS or SRM.

Additionally, we will be hosting an info session soon for additional support related to building your ERP. Stay tuned for updates on the info session hosted by our Deputy Council Commisioner for Safety, Hans Uhr.
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