Weekly Round-Up for March 22nd, 2020

  • Spring Recruitment: Our Part to Play in Creating a Better World
  • Have Your Say: Your Council Voting Rep Wants to Hear from YOU
  • Scouts Popcorn: April 8th Info Session
  • Calling all Photographers
  • Reminder: Quarantime Badge Auction
Spring Recruitment: Scouting's Part to Play in Creating a Better World

Hello Scouters. By now, your group has been in touch with your Group Support Scouter or Relationship Manager to discuss your group's action plans for spring recruitment. The days are longer, the sun is shining, and everyone is tired of being cooped up inside. Springtime is a perfect time to remind our families to join us again.

If there are doubts in your mind about how important your role as a scouter is right now, think again. We have an important mission as Scouters in delivering our program to the youth in our communities.

The World Health Organization (WHO) calls "violence against children the hidden crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic." With children being at home more due to school closures, and stress levels rising in many of our homes, children are at an increased risk of violence. The WHO has outlined tactics to mitigate this crisis, and Scouting fits right in:

  • Teaching youth life and social skills: the very core of Scouting
  • Bystander intervention - youth have a life line to other adults in the community
  • Offering safe environments for youth - Respect in Sports intervention training along with all other aspects of our safety culture creates a safe environment for our youth

We are poised to make a very big difference this spring to the lives of so many youth in our communities. Let's provide our kids with the program they deserve and need.

Yours in scouting
Nikki, Kit and Jason
Shining Waters Council
Have Your Say: Your Council Voting Representative Wants to Hear From YOU!

On March 31 the Scouts Canada Board of Governors will hold a Council Voting Rep Engagement Session and will focus on the following issues:
• How are you and your fellow Scouters coping with Covid restrictions and virtual / outdoor Scouting in your Group/region/Council?
• What ideas do you have for restarting Scouting? (Consider all seasons, and both regular meetings and camps)
• What are you hearing about concerns for the longer-term future of Scouting?
If you have anything you want the Board and National Leadership Team to hear about these or any other issues, please let me know. 

Note: Please respond to me via email on or before March 31st.
Manon Rodrigues
Popcorn 2021: All You Need to Know

Scout Popcorn is back in 2021 and launches on April 15th!

What's new about Scout Popcorn? Everything!

  • New supplier, Papa Jack, located in Ottawa
  • NEW products
  • Ships directly to customers
  • Online orders and payments - no more forms!

Download social media graphics and order forms from our Trello Board.

Missed the last information session? No problem! The Fundraising Team is hosting one more one on April 8 @ 7 PM ETRegister Now! 
Calling All Photographers

The Creative Services Team (Communications Functional Team) wishes to expand and refresh its photographic assets. Specifically, it wishes to add to its collection of high-quality photographic images showing Scouts Canada members involved in Scouting activities. 

Images should follow these basic principles:

  • No one staring right at the camera
  • Youth, girls and boys, having FUN
  • Diversity would be nice but not necessary
  • Some with neckers but not necessary
  • Action shots (we want to show action and movement not just standing still)
  • If not action then close ups showing the friendship and connection of Scouts (obviously not in era of social distancing) - so capture the emotion on a youth's face.
We’ve provided a OneDrive folder in which images from your Council can be dropped. Only those with a Scouts.ca account will be able to write to this folder so a Council coordinator will be required to accumulate and move the pictures to the OneDrive folder.

Click Photography_Inbox or paste url:

All contributions require the uploader to verify all individuals shown are Scouts Canada members and have a Photo Release indication. If the image includes non-Scouts Canada individuals or any individuals without a photo release, the images cannot be uploaded.
If you have questions, reach out at CFT@scouts.ca.

Thank you for helping us improve our national Scouts Canada communications.
Creative Services Team – Communications Functional Team
Reminder: Support NOLB to WIN Your Quarantime Badges at our Upcoming Online Auction

Click here for more information about the online auction taking place March 28th from 3 to 8 pm.

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