Dear Oak Ridge Family,

Our sermon series, What Do We Believe and Why?, started last Sunday. We talked about Holy Baptism. Last Sunday was also Baptism of the Lord Sunday. How powerful it was for me as I traced the cross on your forehead with water! We are all children of God and through baptism, God makes a covenant promise claiming us as daughters and sons of God. Through Holy Baptism, we are united as one family in the name of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

This Sunday I will be preaching from Acts 9:1-19 about Protest leading to Conversion. We will be talking about the Protest of Saul and his Conversion experience into Paul.
Remember that this Sunday, Jan. 22 at 4pm in the Sanctuary is the 2nd Church-Wide Discernment Presentation. Next Sunday, Jan. 29 at 2pm in the Sanctuary will be the last Church-Wide meeting. There is a straw poll offered at the end of each session. You will only vote once. This is a difficult time for our church and other Methodist churches. Please continue to be in prayer.

Take care and God Bless,

Pastor Mike
Budget Update
Year-to-Date received through January 15, 2023 - $65,195.30*
 Year-to-Date needed towards budget - $43,668.50
Year-to-Date needed towards Fully Funded Ministry & Bldg Budget - $53,846.15
Building Loan Balance - $2,463,295.71

*Included $20,400 from those who have already fulfilled their 2023 commitment. Without these gifts our YTD received would be $44,795.30.
Oak Ridge UMC Discernment Team invites you to attend one of the Church-Wide Discussion meetings concerning possible disaffiliation from the United Methodist Church scheduled in the next few weeks.. The team will be available to answer any questions about our options as to the future of Oak Ridge UMC. Childcare to be provided at all discussion meetings by church volunteers. No sign-up required.
The sanctuary will be opened an hour before each meeting for those who want to pray.
Sunday, Jan 22, Sanctuary, 4 p.m.  
Sunday, Jan 29, Sanctuary, 2 p.m.  
The team plans to cover the same information at each meeting so you need only attend one. Please volunteer to help with childcare at one of the meetings you are not attending so that parents with small children can attend.
At the end of each meeting a straw poll (unofficial vote to get opinions) will be taken by the Discernment Team. The straw poll will consist of a YES to disaffiliate or NO do not disaffiliate.  The voting will be done by anonymous ballots with only 1 vote per member. The meetings are open to all who attend ORUMC, but only members of ORUMC who attend in person will be given a ballot for the straw poll. A member is defined as someone who joined ORUMC by profession of faith or transfer of membership from another church. We will have the membership list from the Church office and once a member is given a ballot, his or her name will be marked off as having voted. We are using this process because it is what rules will be if we decide to go forward with an official vote with the District Superintendent. The ballots will not be tallied until after the third meeting. The Discernment Team will count the ballots and the results will be made known and given to the Church Council to use at their next meeting as they prayerfully consider the next steps for ORUMC.

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