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Strong originators in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry are needed more than ever during the recovery. Top originators create transactions. Top originators are the grease that allows the process to move forward. Top originators are the optimists who encourage others to put their best foot forward. There are many who depend upon originators in the best of times and challenging times as well:
  • Vendors need financial partners that are dependable, forthright, and helpful. Cash is tight for most every business;  financial options and financial professionals will play a greater role in every transaction as we move through the recovery. Top originators will embrace the responsibility of being more than just a sales person; they will provide meaningful solutions and financial advice. They will be "true" partners to their vendor relationships. Vendors need YOU. 
  • End-users are faced with many new challenges. The concept of "Cash is King" is not just a saying; in 2020, it is of utmost importance to every business owner and management team, no matter the size of their operation. Successful originators offer cash flow savings and understand the power of conserving cash.  End-users need YOU.
  • Leadership is needed now more than ever. Every business is looking to their internal leaders to motivate, encourage, and celebrate success. Top originators in every leasing and finance company assume a leadership role. They often set the tone for the entire organization. They mentor others. They provide optimism. They work with their operational professionals to create solutions which meet the needs of their clients and their company. Your company needs YOU.
As the economic recovery progresses, top originators will once again be asked to lead the industry forward, to leave excuses behind, and to meet the needs of vendors, end-users, and their teammates.

Survive - Thrive - Lead   
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