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Educate Your Team
Top originators in the commercial equipment finance and leasing industry are proficient educators. They educate their end-users on their capabilities. They educate their vendors on the benefits of financing and leasing as a sales tool. They educate their internal team on the opportunities in the market. Instead of getting frustrated with a credit team's response or operational decision, top originators spend time and effort to share vital information about their vendors and end-users. It is an originator's responsibility to gather information in the field and to disseminate important information throughout their entire support staff. 

Sometimes, seeing is believing. 

Credit and operations professionals should never be locked away only to look at paper and numbers. It is the originator's responsibility to educate their internal staff: to invite them along on sales calls, to have them participate in vendor meetings, to join the sales team at trade shows. The best organizations work in teams; they cross-pollinate their talent to improve communications and results. The best credit professionals understand the sales process; and the best sales professionals understand the credit process.

I recently suggested to an originator who was calling on a new sector to invite her credit manager to join her on a vendor call. The originator was enlightened by the credit manager's questions; the credit manager was enlightened by the vendor's answers. More importantly, the vendor was impressed by the team's effort to better understand his business and the equipment he was selling. The relationship was solidified and the company funded several transactions within the next 45 days. 

The Basics Work 

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This "Sales Tip" is provided by  
Wheeler Business Consulting. 
 Comments, questions and  
suggestions regarding  
weekly tips are welcome.  
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