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What are you, as a commercial equipment leasing and finance originator, willing to do to be successful?

My coaching sessions with professional originators usually include an originator asking, "What three steps or ten actions does a professional need to take in order to be a top producing  originator?" I usually turn the table and ask them, "What are you willing to do? What actions are you willing to take to increase your productivity and results?"

Is the originator willing to go the extra mile and become a top producer by:
  • Making more contacts with potential customers every day?
  • Starting their workday earlier and staying later on a regular basis?
  • Investing in themselves and learning more about the process?
  • Determining whether they truly have a passion for the business and if so, flaunting their passion to everyone they meet both professionally and personally?
  • Building their business from the bottom up and from the top down - always taking the next step to improve their effectiveness in the market?
  • Becoming a player in the industry and gaining the respect of their peers and competitors?
There are no shortcuts to success. There is no magical list that can be followed one through ten. The list is endless and top originators are willing to explore new paths, new actions, and new means to become successful. Successful originators never exhaust their options; they overcome new challenges and forge forward. Top producers are willing to become the best by improving their own skills, taking personal responsibility, and delivering results.

Top performers will outlast the Covid epidemic. They will perform well during the recovery. They are positioning themselves for future success.

Survive - Thrive - Lead   
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