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Five Attributes for Success

My coaching sessions and training programs often explore the "five attributes needed for success" by originators in the  commercial equipment leasing and finance industry:

Total customer knowledge

Broad and complete understanding of structures and pricing

Equipment knowledge

Financial analysis and credit knowledge

Ability to consistently prospect and market to the "Right" vendors and end-users

It is important for originators to rank themselves (on a scale of one to five) in each of these categories. Top originators not only rank themselves, but take every action possible to improve their ranking in each category. (Ex. What must be true to increase your ranking from a two to a three in financial analysis?) 

During these challenging times, it is more important than ever for originators to improve their attributes in order to provide the best services in the market. Vendors and end-users want to work with originators who know the market, their position within the market, and how to best serve the needs of their clients.

How do you rank in each of these attributes?

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