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Specific Examples

Vendors and end-users want an originator in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry to explain what exactly the originator will provide that will help them in 2020. Every client wants specific examples of how you have helped other similar companies (vendors or end-users) succeed in the last few months, during the pandemic. 
  • What services are you providing NOW?
  • How have you helped vendors (end-users) that are specifically like them?
  • How do these services stack up to others in the market?
  • What makes you unique? 
  • Where is your expertise being utilized and why?
It is great that you have twenty years' experience and your company funded XX million dollars of equipment in 2019 and have a large portfolio. But the real questions are: What are your current capabilities? What is your current process? What is your current credit criteria?

Vendors and end-users want to know about the transactions you funded last month and last quarter. They want to know why your current customers are satisfied with your services. Decision makers want to deal with successful originators that know their business, their equipment needs, and the trends in the market that will directly affect them in the next 12 months. You must have specific examples and be prepared to demonstrate your expertise in developing a program, relationship, or transaction that satisfied a specific need similar to these current needs.

Successful originators are not afraid of the current market. Nor are they reluctant to flaunt their newly found expertise. They sell with confidence and are looking toward the future, rather than the past.

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