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Connecting with Your Peers

Do you miss the interaction in an active office?

Are you tired of virtual meetings that never quite provide you with the motivation you need?

Is your productivity decreasing because you need to better connect with your peers?

Salespeople depend upon self-motivation and self-drive. However, sales professionals feed off one another; originators are competitors; and top producers like continuous interaction with others that are striving for similar goals. Originators like to share their successes and challenges with their peers. During the last few months, much of the interconnectivity has been less than motivational, and at times actually a distraction. Top producers are motivating themselves and others during these times of disconnect in a variety of ways:
  • Top producers are mentoring junior originators - sharing what is working and motivating others to be successful. One of the best means of self-motivation is to motivate others.
  • Small groups of originators are creating daily and weekly contests to compete against one another and to create a competitive environment for success.
  • Top originators are avoiding casual phone conversations with co-workers which focus on the negatives. These water cooler complaint sessions are non-productive in the office and even more so while working remotely. 
  • Originators are connecting with top producers in other companies and other industries to gather outside suggestions and to share success. One originator hosts a weekly evening happy hour with five neighbors, who are all sales professionals; they all share their single largest new opportunity generated in the last week.
  • A sales team has replaced their office success bell (rung when an originator exceeds his daily/weekly/monthly  goals) with an automated computer alarm (which is a recording of the office bell) that notifies everyone in the company when success occurs. The bell continues to share success throughout the organization and inspires others to be part of the growth.
Originators and sales teams are being creative. They are working together to better support one another. Top originators are becoming champions and leading others to be more successful. There are plenty of new opportunities in the market for those originators who are motivated to be leaders and are focused on success. 

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