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A young leasing originator takes his manager to visit his #1 vendor. They have a meeting with the sales manager and a top sales rep. They discuss several transactions that are in the process of being approved and funded. The vendor sales rep explains how he is delighted to work with the originator and how the originator has been extremely helpful in closing more transactions for him as an equipment supplier. The four go to lunch and celebrate the strong relationship between the originator and the vendor sales rep.

After the successful meeting, the originator and his manager go back to the car. The originator has his chest pumped-out and head swollen as he waits for his manager's praise. The manager agree that it was a great meeting. But,

"What about the other 10 reps that were in the office? Do you have a relationship with them?"


"What about the other three offices less than 25 miles away? Do you have a relationship with those offices?"


"Then you are leaving money on the table."

The young originator pulled back into the parking space.
He went back into the vendor's office, and asked his  contact to introduce him to the other reps. That vendor developed into a long-term "key" account for the originator and his company. He gained a relationship with multiple contacts within all four vendor offices and maximized the relationship.

This is a lesson learned that I have never forgotten. Know as many contacts as possible if you want to build a strong relationship with your clients.  

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