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It is truly amazing what can be rapidly accomplished through unity and cooperation.  Adversity often unites people to fight a common foe. The current pandemic has certainly united scientists from around the world to collaborate and develop new medicines and potential vaccines. Industries have retooled to manufacture needed equipment and supplies. The Corps of Engineers has erected field hospitals throughout the country in a matter of days to assist with hospital overcrowding. Volunteer groups are offering tremendous help on all fronts. We will overcome through innovation, flexibility, and pure will. The human spirit is powerful.

The commercial equipment leasing and finance industry will also prevail. The industry has an important role to play in the economic recovery. Originators are on the front line of the industry and are the eyes and ears of the industry. It is vital that originators share information with others within their companies and throughout the industry. There will be new risks and new opportunities which will develop in the market; originators will be the professionals who first discover many of these changes. The best originators will blaze the path forward for their companies, the industry, and the economy.  The most successful originators:
  • Build collaborative relationships with clients, co-workers, peers, and competitors. Engagement in industry associations has never been more important than during challenging times. Sharing information strengthens all participants.
  • Embrace change and unite others to capture new opportunities.
  • Are positive, forward-thinking leaders. By helping others succeed, top originators improve their leadership skills. If you need help, seek it out from internal and external resources. Give freely to others who seek your assistance.
  • Applaud the success of competitors. Top originators are strong competitors. They learn from their competitors. They never bask in the failure of others, because the demise of a competitor usually weakens all participants, while their success strengthens the entire industry.
  • Strengthen their industry expertise. Top producers invest in themselves during the best of times and the most challenging. Don't delay in obtaining your CLFP -- it is more important than ever - be an industry advocate.
The commercial equipment leasing and finance industry is united in its commitment to servicing the needs of businesses throughout the country. Originators are putting their best efforts into helping others succeed and being part of the solution - participating in the economic recovery. 

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