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A top originator in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry explained how he has maintained his volume throughout the economic disruption. His primary suggestion is to remain focused on what works. This veteran originator clearly remembers l the lessons learned from the 2008-09 downturn. He explained how his recovery in 2009 didn't begin until he focused on one major sector. He focused on transactions that could be approved, won, and funded. His recovery started when he no longer focused on being busy; but rather he became busy once he focused on being an effective originator. 

In March of 2020, this seasoned originator did not waste any time. He immediately became focused on only those transactions which he knew fully matched his capabilities. He understands quality assets are priority number one. He is more forceful in his presentations. He is more confident in requesting more information. He is unapologetic about his programs, rates, and credit requirements. He qualifies  every potential client upfront before submitting an application, because he knows that internal resources are valuable and limited. This seasoned originator has gained greater respect both internally, with his staff and externally, with his vendors and end-users; because he is focused on saving time and funding more transactions.

Originators throughout the industry can benefit from the lessons learned during the 2008 downturn. Top originators are always focused on their real capabilities. However, during tougher times, originators must be more acutely aware of efficiencies and effectiveness. They must focus on opportunities which produce the greatest results. 

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