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The most successful originators in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry fully understand the credit process.

The best credit professionals fully understand the sales process.

The most successful organizations have teams of professionals that work together toward common goals of building strong commercial assets through knowledge and persistence.

Below is a simple list of items that every originator should be able to answer in the affirmative:  
  • Do you routinely read a business journal to remain informed about the economy and how it affects your business (WSJ, Financial Times)?
  • Are you able to analyze financial statements and review key ratios (liquidity, leverage, debt service, inventory turn-over, etc.)? Can you have a discussion with a CFO in regard to what is an acceptable ratio and what causes concerns?
  • Have you, or could you, defend your documentation in court? Are you capable of explaining your documents to a prospective client?
  •  Are you able to recommend a transaction's approval by mitigating weaknesses and pointing out strengths? Do you routinely submit a full credit package that defends your credit recommendations?
  • Can you successfully sell beyond an application- only mentality, because of your credit knowledge?
  • Do you routinely meet with your credit department to share challenges and opportunities in the market? Do you obtain buy-in from your credit department before pursuing a new industry, equipment type, or sector?
Successful originators in the commercial equipment leasing and financing industry are constantly enhancing their skills and industry knowledge. The ability to sell is always enhanced when an originator fully understands the operational processes.

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