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Nothing Happens Until...

Originators in the commercial equipment leasing and finance industry are the spark that starts the process. There are no credit decisions to be made, documents to be prepared, or transactions to be funded until the originator goes out and finds an opportunity. Nothing happens until the originator does his job and finds the "right" opportunity for his company to fund. Originators are responsible each day to keep the funnel full. 

It is an awesome responsibility to be the foundation, the starting block, the creator of business. As an originator, your company, your partners, your end-users, and your vendors are depending upon you to bring your "A" game every day. There are no excuses; you are judged by your results and your continuous ability to create.

The last few months have further distinguished top producers from average producers. Top producers are working harder and smarter than ever. They are totally focused on originating transactions and are not distracted by all the noise. Top producers are:
  • Focused on what works in their prospecting efforts
  • Setting realistic goals and expectations that must be met to maintain their volume requirements and incomes
  • Quickly pre-qualifying potential clients to save time and energy
  • Clearly stating their capabilities and requirements 
  • Exploring new opportunities that align with today's market and today's capabilities
  • Thinking and acting boldly to build a foundation for future business
  • Focused on success
Nothing happens until the originator picks up the phone and sells aggressively to the "right" vendors and end-users. Nothing happens until the originator convinces a potential client that his services are superior, because of what he brings to the process. Nothing happens until you, as an originator, want success more than your competitor.

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